Salem Tarot Cards

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Salem TarotHave you looked just about everywhere for SALEM TAROT and found only sites that have tricked you in and it’s just Rider Waite – again?  Well I got fed up of looking as well so here is the real deal. 

Free Love Reading Salem Tarot Deck

There is a beautifully illustrated deck on Amazon but sadly they are hard to come by. The Salem Arcanum Tarot is a custom tarot deck, 22 Major Arcana tarot cards, the creation of Salem Massachusetts photographer James Bostick. I don’t think it’s available in the UK and it’s out of stock in the states but I will post a link if I see it back in stock and encourage you to take a look.

One Card Tarot Salem Deck

In the meantime we have the Salem tarot major Arcana Deck below to work with.  Please understand that it takes a HUGE amount of time and money to create an actual deck and I have great respect for those that actually achieve this but I cannot bring myself to ask people to fund me to the tune of several thousand which I have seen some people doing.  And so we are going ahead and making do with simple cards for the suits.

Salem Tarot Suits are: Wands, Chalices, Athames, Patens

The Jester Meanings
The Jester
The Sorcerer Meanings
The Sorcerer
The Salem Witch Meanings
The Salem Witch
The Dark Queen Meanings
The Dark Queen
The Dark King Meanings
The Dark King
The Seer Meanings
The Seer
The Adulterers Meanings
The Adulterers
The Warlock Meanings
The Warlock
Independence Meanings
The Outcast Meanings
The Outcast
Destiny Meanings
The Matriarch Meanings
The Matriarch
The Hanged Man Meanings
The Hanged Man
Despair Meanings
Sacrifice Meanings
The Demon Meanings
The Demon
The Prisoner Meanings
The Prisoner
The Lord Meanings
The Lord
The Temptress Meanings
The Temptress
The Lady Meanings
The Lady
Karma Meanings
The Familiar Meanings
The Familiar
Ace of Wands Meanings
Ace of Wands
Two of Wands Meanings
Two of Wands
Three of Wands Meanings
Three of Wands
Four of Wands Meanings
Four of Wands
Five of Wands Meanings
Five of Wands
Six of Wands Meanings
Six of Wands
Seven of Wands Meanings
Seven of Wands
Eight of Wands Meanings
Eight of Wands
Nine of Wands Meanings
Nine of Wands
Ten of Wands Meanings
Ten of Wands
Princess of Wands Meanings
Princess of Wands
Lord of Wands Meanings
Lord of Wands
Goddess of Wands Meanings
Goddess of Wands
Master of Wands Meanings
Master of Wands
Ace of Chalices Meanings
Ace of Chalices
Two of Chalices Meanings
Two of Chalices
Three of Chalices Meanings
Three of Chalices
Four of Chalices Meanings
Four of Chalices
Five of Chalices Meanings
Five of Chalices
Six of Chalices Meanings
Six of Chalices
Seven of Chalices Meanings
Seven of Chalices
Eight of Chalices Meanings
Eight of Chalices
Nine of Chalices Meanings
Nine of Chalices
Ten of Chalices Meanings
Ten of Chalices
Princess of Chalices Meanings
Princess of Chalices
Lord of Chalices Meanings
Lord of Chalices
Goddess of Chalices Meanings
Goddess of Chalices
Master of Chalices Meanings
Master of Chalices
Ace of Athames Meanings
Ace of Athames
Two of Athames Meanings
Two of Athames
Three of Athames Meanings
Three of Athames
Four of Athames Meanings
Four of Athames
Five of Athames Meanings
Five of Athames
Six of Athames Meanings
Six of Athames
Seven of Athames Meanings
Seven of Athames
Eight of Athames Meanings
Eight of Athames
Nine of Athames Meanings
Nine of Athames
Ten of Athames Meanings
Ten of Athames
Princess of Athames Meanings
Princess of Athames
Lord of Athames Meanings
Lord of Athames
Goddess of Athames Meanings
Goddess of Athames
Master of Athames Meanings
Master of Athames
Ace of Patens Meanings
Ace of Patens
Two of Patens Meanings
Two of Patens
Three of Patens Meanings
Three of Patens
Four of Patens Meanings
Four of Patens
Five of Patens Meanings
Five of Patens
Six of Patens Meanings
Six of Patens
Seven of Patens Meanings
Seven of Patens
Eight of Patens Meanings
Eight of Patens
Nine of Patens Meanings
Nine of Patens
Ten of Patens Meanings
Ten of Patens
Princess of Patens Meanings
Princess of Patens
Lord of Patens Meanings
Lord of Patens
Goddess of Patens Meanings
Goddess of Patens
Master of Patens Meanings
Master of Patens