Crystal Ball

Crystal ball gazing has been around for thousands of years, although nobody knows for sure when it was first used as a way of channelling the thoughts buried deep within the subconscious mind.

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Using a crystal ball in order to visualise events is a form of scrying. While crystal ball gazing is the most popular and therefore most recognised form of scrying, any reflective surface can be used. A bowl of water of even better, ink works well, as does a mirror.

A common misconception is that a crystal ball has magical powers supernatural qualities that enable it to foresee the future. This is untrue and if we consider that the Buddhist name for quartz crystal the crystal from which scrying balls are made is “visible nothingness, we can understand that it’s the clearness of the crystal that gives it extraordinary scrying qualities.

When using a crystal ball, a state of light trance is induced, a state very similar to that reached during meditation. This state of trance gives the gazer a dissociation of consciousness that allows information to pass through to the “mind’s eye. It’s here we see images, not in the crystal ball itself.

Crystal ball gazing takes patience as it can be weeks before images are seen. Using a crystal ball isn’t simply a matter of wishing for supernatural powers; the gazer needs to increase her awareness of her higher levels of consciousness. It’s therefore important that:

  • Scrying takes place when you’re unlikely to be disturbed

  • You sit in subdued lighting (candle light is recommended)

  • You place the crystal ball or bowl of water on a dark, preferably black, surface in order to eliminate reflections

  • You relax into a meditative state

Never try to see images – it’s important that they’re allowed to appear naturally. Look “through the crystal ball at the image inside in much the same way as you’d view a “magic eye picture.

Images may appear cloudy at first. Rather than concentrating on them, look past the cloudiness until it clears. Some of those using a crystal ball describe the sensation of crystal ball gazing as “staring into a bottomless void.

Once images have formed, use your instincts to interpret them. Go with your first thoughts. Remember that the images are messages being sent from deep within your subconscious mind so your first thought will be a reaction to the message you’re receiving even though you may not be aware of it.

One question that’s almost always asked is “can crystal ball gazing foresee the future? While fairground charlatans would have you believe that it’s possible, the truth is that our future paths are dependent upon the choices we make throughout life so there’s no possible way of knowing exactly what will happen. Crystal ball gazing can help the viewer foresee minor events that are already bound to happen and that the subconscious mind understands, but these are of very little relevance.

However, it’s important to understand that crystal ball gazing, or any other form of scrying, isn’t recommended for anybody of a nervous disposition. Nobody knows for sure what kind of images will appear when using a crystal ball, or what the messages being sent from the subconscious mind may be. Sometimes they can be quite disturbing.