Free Past Life Reading

This past life reading is not about telling you who you were in a single past life, or even multiple past lives.  It is focused on archetypes and energies from your past life (or past lives) that can guide you NOW and in the immediate/near future.  It’s all about our souls progress and what has happened to us in past lives, whether we have learned from them or need to learn a lesson right now.  Lessons from the past that may be needed right now or in the near future, may be quite different from past life lessons that may crop up or are needed next week, next month next year, so keep coming back.  You may be an old soul and there is much we can learn from past life lessons on our souls journey.


Let the archetypes tell you about your past lives!     Interpreting Card Strength

Free Past Life Reading

The cards are shuffled

Choose 3 cards at random, first for the person you were in an EARLIER past life, a life you chose to move forward from, a past life that involves karma and what you need to put right.  2nd for the person you were in the past life we are looking at TODAY and whether you moved forward on your souls journey in that past life.  Then the third for the work that needs to be done in THIS LIFE. The combination of these three cards offer insight into your souls progres through past lives and into this life.  

Choose 3 cards from the full 78 card deck below for your free archetype past life reading!


 A Past Life prior to the past life below.  One you need to learn from or have already learned from.


The Past Life you need to focus on right now


The Future – how to progress your soul in this life.


Reincarnation & Past LifeFree past life readings by email once a week.  Every Wednesday one person is chosen at random for a private past life reading.

While the origins of past life readings are somewhat obscure, reincarnation originated in the far east. The earliest commonly accepted instances of this concept being taught comes from the Puranic age with the Purans of India. In the Indo-Aryan texts are where we see the concept of reincarnation gain real, significant popularity. This Hindu text spoke of Punarjunma — which translates loosely to rebirth – and of Punarmrytu, which essentially means re-death. It’s with texts such as these that we see a real blossoming of the concept of the past life reading.

There were many stories of what we recognize as soul transmigration, including Buddhism and Judaism and the Taoist during the Han Dynasty also mentioned many past lives in their teachings. Norse mythology also mentions past life theories as something that we would recognize as reincarnation.