Yes or No Tarot


By asking the tarot for a simple yes no answer you are changing your life path which is to progress with a little help rather than be told what to do or have a known future make us complacent. Choose 3 tarot cards and see not only what each has to offer but also the final outcome, although the future is controlled by you!

yes no tarot reading
Yes No Tarot

Your 3 Cards can represent any of these categories:

  1. A person connected
  2. The start of things
  3. The end of things
  4. The heart of the matter

Although tarot originated as a card game and work of art for wealthy Italian families, it may have been used for a rudimentary form of divination as early as the sixteenth century. The Italian nobility of the 1500s played a game called tarrochi appropriati in which players drew cards at random, using the images on those cards to inspire the writing of poetic verses about each other’s destiny. These cards were called sortes, an Italian word meaning fate, lot, destiny, or chance. Over time the tarot became a tool for divination.

One thing that every beginner should understand is that Tarot cards are not able to give you a definite answer to all of your questions. You are not able to ask the cards who you are going to marry, but you are able to find out if marriage is in your future. The Tarot cards are there to map out likely trends in your future. These maps are based on your current path. As your path changes, so will the cards.

When you use tarot cards, you have to understand that the cards alone are not enough. To be able to tap into the mystical forces and truly understand the power of divination, you have to prepare yourself. You will want to make sure that you are mentally prepared for the reading.

The Main Types of Tarot Decks

Three main types of decks currently dominate the tarot landscape:

  • The Golden Tarot of Marseille, the oldest known of which is by Jean Noblet in Paris around 1650
  • The Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot, published in 1909, undoubtedly the most popular deck of the last century. It has been cloned many, many times
  • The Crowley-Harris Thoth Tarot, created between 1938 and 1943 but first published as a tarot deck in 1969