Free Tarot Readings

Free Tarot ReadingsWarning !
There is a huge number of scammers, especially from Nigeria, offering so called free readings.  It is rife on Facebook groups.
Please don’t fall for these scams.  Typically they will sucker you in and end with ‘there is a curse on you’ and a sacrifice will solve the problem. This of course, requires you to pay them, sometimes a small amount, sometimes a large amount, depending on how gullible you are after their conversation during your so called free reading.
If you want to join a group offering free tarot readings or psychic readings, try Free Readings and Psychic Development for Beginners where their admin cracks down very hard on scammers.
For the record, I make no money from this or any website other than a few cents from adverts which doesn’t even cover the domain and hosting costs etc., let alone any contribution to time.  If you are being asked for money, or to register or for any personal information then you have wandered away from the site.

No time for a full reading?Try our one card tarot.

Your Free Love Tarot Reading can help you through troubled emotions and clouded thoughts with insight into your past, present and possible future and showing you a new outlook on your love life.
Your Free Love Tarot Reading. What will the tarot say about your love life and future?  Choose your deck!

For those interested in astrology, the Houses of the Horoscope layout provides useful insight into the various aspects of life described by the twelve houses. Each astrological house represents a distinct field of experience
Try out new Tarot Horoscope, a unique combination of your star sign and the tarot cards.

The reading you choose will bring answers to your questions about many things including past lives and your present life mission.  It will guide you with matter of the heart and finance or changes in life direction.