God and Goddesses

Picturing you God or Goddess

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These descriptions should help you picture your chosen god or goddess as you travel on your inner journey.  Do not get too attached to the idea of appearances.  Incarnate being, including gods and goddesses, are universal energy, part of a collective consciousness and so have no form other than that which they wish is to “see“,


The Sun God, Apollo is seen as a very beautiful mature man. His skin shines like sunlight and upon his head is a radiant crown which blazes with brilliant light. He is wrapped in a swathe of golden cloth, the end of which falls to his feet, on which he wears golden sandals. In his hands he holds a small harp or lyre. He looks at you and smiles. A feeling of warmth and welcome surrounds you, and you feel able to ask for his help or guidance.

gods and goddesses
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The Moon Goddess, Diana or Artemis, stands at the top of the steps. She is a lithe-limbed young woman, lightly dressed in a short tunic of fine leather. At her side is a large hunting dog. She seems to shine with a silvery light and a strange coolness is in the air. Diana reaches her hand out to you, and you take it, finding her fingers cool and firm. You experience a shift of awareness as if some deep part of your mind is waking up. You ask for her help or inspiration.



Mercury or Hermes has a boyish figure; it is hard to tell if he is truly male or female. He is laughing and light-hearted, yet his face shows cunning; you can tell he is a trickster. He wears a short tunic of silvery material, and on his feet are winged sandals, and in his hand he carries a wand. It is a staff entwined by two snakes,

one black and the other white and they seem to move. Mercury asks why you have come, how he can communicate with you or lead you on your travels.



Venus or Aphrodite, or the Egyptian Goddess Hathor, may be seen as a beautiful woman in a long dress. She carries a flower, perhaps a rose or a lotus, and its scent lifts your spirits. Your heart leaps with love, and powerful emotions sweep through you. You want to fall at her feet and weep or laugh with joy. You control your feelings and mentally frame a request for more love, harmony and peace in your life. Gently she smiles down at you, raises you up and offers you her flower.



Jupiter, Jove or Zeus is the Father of the Gods, an older man seated on the throne and robed in dark blue. His hair is curly and has touches of grey but he is ruggedly handsome and you sense his power, in his hand is a rod of power or command and you go forward carefully and with respect as if you were meeting a great statesman. You know he will help but you have to be very precise in what you ask.



Saturn or Cronus is the great Lord of Time and Creation, and he wears a black robe. His face is stern and wrinkled, and his hair is white and crowned with a laurel wreath. He sits still and silently brooding. Leaning against the throne is a scythe and an hourglass. You slowly approach the steps and politely ask for his help. He smiles and it is clear he will assist you.