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Power Animals, also known as totems or animal spirit guides, walk through life with us, teaching and guiding. Power Animals are strongly associated with the Native American Indian culture and are sometimes thought to have supernatural powers. These powerful traits and characteristics, differing with each animal represent our connection to life. All Power Animals are regarded as spirit guides and carry the spiritual energy of the animal on earth. Power Animals are considered superior to ordinary spirit animals and form part of Shamanism but can also appear in our dreams. You can also get a free reading from the full deck of spirit animals.

  • Select one card then click it once it turns over.
Spirit Animal Cards

Guide for Beginners:

    • Start by focusing on a specific issue
    • Clear your mind of all daily trivia
    • When your mind is clear, pick a card.
    • Look at the given meanings. Do any of these relate to your current life?
    • If you can’t relate, save it for later in the day and pick another

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The Past-Present-Future is a useful reading to ask simple health questions, perfect when you don’t have much time.

Arthritis and Back Pain MedicationWalking is a fantastic help in preventing Arthritis, Back pain, Heart Disease, Osteoporosis, Stroke, Type 2 diabetes, High Blood pressure, Obesity, High Cholesterol. Stretching before exercise and cooling down afterward are very important for safe, effective exercise.

You can lose weight and never go hungry when you cut out excess fats, refined carbs, and other processed foods; focus on high-quality proteins and vegetables; and move your body. The goal is to gradually create a new, healthier lifestyle. As you change your eating habits and exercise more, the weight will naturally come off. There is way too much pressure on women in our culture to have the body of a teenager for life. Women and men naturally put on weight as they age, which is fine. What you want to avoid is obesity, and we all know what that is.

You can avoid the vast majority of prescription drugs simply by following the Six Core Principles for Optimal Health. When you do need to treat a cold, allergy, illness, or symptom of aging, you can nearly always use simple, effective natural remedies and herbs. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, prostate troubles, meno-pause symptoms, allergies, arthritis, indigestion, and many of our other common illnesses can all be avoided with a healthy lifestyle or treated very safely and effectively with natural remedies.