Yes or No Spirit Animal Reading


My personal belief is that spirit aren’t meant to predict the future in whatever form, guides, spirit animals or tarot.  We are on this earth plain to learn and grow spiritually and if that means making our own mistakes and learning from them, so be it,

Spirit Animals have very different energies to each other and therefor different views on any particular subject. They will resist the temptation to predict the future in favour of offering advice and guidance so we can make our own choices.

That said, sometimes we just have to know. As well as more involved guidance, our spirit animal cards can help with yes or no type answers whilst still giving us room to make our own decisions. Choose 3 cards and see what each Spirit Animal says about the question on your mind and then get your yes no maybe – on their agreed conclusion, even though they may each have different things to say on the question.

Your 3 Spirit Animal Cards can represent any of these:

  1. A person connected
  2. The start of things
  3. The end of things
  4. The heart of the matter

By asking the Animal Oracles for a simple yes no answer you are greatly missing life’s purpose which is to progress with guidance not be told what to do which makes us complacent. Take 3 spirit animal cards and see not only what each has to offer but also the final outcome, although the future is determined by you!

Your Yes No Oracle Reading: On the subject of changing Oracle Cards because you can’t relate to it/them: This will not affect the new result if you genuinely can’t relate.  If only one spirit guide is involved try and live with it.  Spirit Guides come to help and they are not often wrong.

If you hit a brick wall simply start afresh with another yes no oracle  reading focusing on the question another way or focusing on something that the angels presented on the first attempt.

SPIRIT GUIDES describes any spiritual beings that help us in a positive way. They protect us, guide us, and provide us with encouragement and inspiration. We may have any number of spirit guides throughout our life, whether or not we’re consciously aware of them. Some have been with us since childhood, while others have appeared at various periods in our life, perhaps to help us through a difficult transition.

Our spirit guides are often archetypal and come representing certain issues or traits common to many spirit energies and come bringing a wealth of knowledge, experience and guidance.

Can’t Relate to an Oracle Card?

There are 3 things to ponder:

  • Can you really not relate to it or is it saying something you aren’t ready to hear?
  • It may be something that crops up soon or you remember later.
  • Look closer at the card and it’s alternate meanings, including the card being the other way up!