Angel Message 4 U


Daily Angel Messages 4 U

Why must I give my date of birth?  – Unlike horoscopes, which you share with over 8% of the population, your messages are for you and only you each day.

Although there are many angels there are three assigned to look after us at birth and 3 angels/guardian angels/archangels associated with our zodiac sign. Almost all angel messengers are archetypes, angels matching the energies of that name.  Whilst it is quite possible that a message 4 U comes from your birth angel or zodiac angel there is also a whole realm of angel messengers happy to bring a Message 4 U. Which of these angels comes forward first depends on the importance of the message, You might also like to visit  Pathway to Spirit for Daily Angel Affirmations.

Angel Message 4 U

Angels are constantly trying to reach us – through our thoughts, our feelings, animals, nature, music, and the synchronicities that show up in our lives. Communicating with angels is possible for everyone, but it does take some practice for most people. For you it may be just a matter of meditating about your angels or writing to them. If you are struggling with a certain emotion, trying to make sense of a common situation, or longing for wisdom about your role here on earth as a spiritual being in a physical body, get reassuring guidance from angels that applies to anyone’s life.

Angels want to play a bigger role in your life, and they want you to feel closer to them. Your birth angels in particular are always available to you and eager to strengthen your bond with them and increase back-and-forth communication. Angels are more like humans than you realize – they have hearts and souls, and they can understand our joys and our sorrows.

Angel Prayer: “Guardian angels, send me mercy, wisdom, grace, and miracles as I surrender the outcome of this situation to Spirit and my highest good“. Your messenger angels want to gently remind you that sometimes attaching to outcomes can be the most stressful part of a stressful situation. It’s natural and healthy to have goals, pray for what you want, and put your shoulder to the wheel as you work toward your desires. But when plans don’t turn out as you anticipated, and the outcome of cherished dreams seem uncertain, it’s a sign you need to surrender the situation to Spirit.