Free 6 Card Tarot Reading

Each card will depict a person or be related to circumstances in your life. You can start the reading as a general reading but any card may prompt you to take another reading with that person or event as the query for a reading in another 6 card spread.

6 card tarot reading
6 Card Tarot Reading

Your 6 Cards

  1. Your Current Life
  2. What You Want or Need
  3. Your Fears or Concerns
  4. What is Working for You
  5. What is Working against You
  6. What is to Come!

The cards depict the whole realm of human experience, from love to death, from joy to sorrow, from loneliness to friendship. Some cards are particularly iffy; others easily cheer usup. But either way, you have to take the dark with the light, just like in life. The interpretations of the cards change as society changes. The Lovers card, of course, does not require a man and a woman to fulfill its meaning. And at one point not so long ago, the Three of Wands indicated that a family member was going to die and something in his or her will. But the Three of Wands no longer means inheritance; now it means exploration and adventure.

Is the tarot just about telling the future? People have always wanted to know their fates. Will I be rich? Will I be famous? Will I fall in love? Will I be happy? And they have turned to the Tarot to try to sneak a glimpse into the future.

Before the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot Deck was published in 1911, there was no modern deck that featured pictures for each of the seventy-eight cards in the deck. Most decks were of the Marseilles pattern and had illustrations only for the Major Arcana and court cards, while the rest of the cards featured simply a pattern of easily recognizable pips. The 6 card spread came quickly after but it was years before interest sparked again.

If, in any 6 card reading, the last card happens to be a Court Card, it often indicates that the matter falls ultimately into the hands of a person represented by that card; its end depends mainly on him/her. In this event, it may also be useful to take the Court Card in question as the question in a fresh reading, to discover the nature of his or her influence in the matter and the end to which he will bring it.