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Contacting Your Spirit Guide

  • You most certainly already have contact with your guides. You may not be aware of this on a physical plane but you may well be aware of contact via altered states of hazy awareness.
  • You could experience contact through dreams and that sort of half way stage between sleep and wakefulness.
  • Your subconscious and indeed your super-conscious will make contact with your spirit guides even though you may not be aware of this.
  • One of the main obstacles in making contact with your spirit guides through meditation is the effect of the logical mind stepping in
  • A common feeling when making contact for the first time is thinking it was all imagination or wishful thinking. Keep going and stop doubting will help you develop a strong positive relationship with your spirit guides.
  • Don’t accept everything that your guides say and  be aware of your personal ‘baggage’.  Guides may tell us stuff we would rather not face up to.
  • Your guides may take you to a landscape of your choosing or theirs where you become pure energy as they are. Once there guides can do healing work and relay to us things we need to know in our earthly life.

Meditation to Contact Your Spirit Guides

  1. Take time to make yourself comfortable, switch off the phone etc. …
  2. Take slow, gentle breaths through your nose concentrating on the out breath…
  3. Feel the air going deep into your body, feel the stale negative air and feelings releasing…..
  4. Breathe in, breathe out… Breathe in, breathe out…
  5. Place your focus and attention only on your breathing…Feel your body begin to relax…With each breath you take in, feel all the tension sift away from your body, leaving you calm, relaxed and peaceful…Your thoughts drift in and out through your mind…Let them flow until your mind is calm…Mentally place a gold shimmering haze of energy around your whole body letting it expand each time you exhale. Let this keep you safe you from any negative thoughts and energy…
  6. Gently let the though come in that you would like to contact your own personal guide. Create a place you can visualise in your mind, somewhere you find peaceful and know you are safe. Your guides can take on any shape. Think about how you feel your guide may look. In time they will take on their own form.
  7. Have a list of questions you would to ask your guide or guides. The answers may take days to filter from your your higher self down to your physical being.
  8. Remember to say your farewells and thank your spirit guides for spending time with you.

Once you have reached even a slight level of ability with this form of contact your natural ability to contact your guides will slowly improve.