Free Spirit Animal Spiritual Reading

One thing many of us forget is how we often have moments when we say things like we prefer the company of animals to humans.  When we have bad times the loving nature spirit animals bring can help us relate the traits they come with to situations if our lives right now.

  • Select one card then click it once it turns over.
Spirit Animal Cards

Guide for Beginners:

    • Start by focusing on a specific issue
    • Clear your mind of all daily trivia
    • When your mind is clear, pick a card.
    • Look at the given meanings. Do any of these relate to your current life?
    • If you can’t relate, save it for later in the day and pick another

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Regardless of whether you are developing your psychic powers or are simply following a spiritual path, you should focus on a very precise question related to your progress before you begin this reading.  What do the archetype cards say about your past, present and future?  Clairvoyants will want to ask their spirit guides to draw close and help them choose the cards.

Experienced clairvoyants are capable of channelling their energy to draw the archetypes that can assist. No archetype card is set in stone and no card has one single meaning. Their guidance allows you to make the right choices for your future.