Spirit Guide Family Reading

Spirit Guide Family and Friends Reading

What do your spirit guides say about your family problems?     Interpreting Card Strength

The cards are shuffled

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Choose 3 cards at random, first for the past, 2nd for the present and third for the future. The combination of these three cards offer insight into the time ahead.  Many people have family issues.  We love them of course but it’s not always easy. Sometimes it’s easy to forgive but not so easy to let go an forget. Don’t ask  “will this family issue be sorted?” but rather take a modern focus on empowerment and ask “what can I do to make it right with my friends and family?” or ‘what can I learn from past mistakes with relatives?”

Choose 3 cards from the full 78 card deck below for your free archetype family reading!

The Past

The Present

The Future

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The Past-Present-Future is a useful reading to ask simple questions relating to family relatives or friends, great for when you don’t have much time.

The network of friends and the support they provide becomes a strong predictor of well-being , much more than family itself . This was verified in two studies involving more than 270,000 people from almost 100 countries.

Couple relationships come and go and getting along with family and relatives is sometimes a matter of luck but friends –even though they may change throughout our lives– will always be there and serve to remind us that we are alive, that we are part of something greater than ourselves and that the world can be kind and warm after all.