Yes or No Oracle Love Reading

yes no love tarot reading
Yes No Oracle Love Tarot

When you have something on your mind and it’s a question of love and romance, there are not too many of us that can wait.  Fed up with ambiguous answers? 

Ask 3 oracle spirit guides for a simple yes or no answer. Read what each Spirit Guide says and also get a decision yes or no – these oracles will give you their agreed conclusion. Remember though – we all have free will and the future is prone to change!

Your 3 Oracle Cards can represent any of these categories:

  1. A person connected
  2. The start of things
  3. The end of things
  4. The heart of the matter

By asking the Spirit Oracles for a simple yes no answer in your love reading you are missing life’s plan which is to progress with a little help rather than be told what to do or asking the oracles to predict the future for your relationships. Take 3 oracle cards and see not only what each has to offer but also the final outcome, although your romantic future is directed by you!

yes no oracle reading
Yes No Oracle Reading

Your Yes No Love Reading: On the subject of changing Oracle Cards because you can’t relate to it/them: This will not affect the new result if you genuinely can’t relate.  If only one spirit guide is involved try and live with it.  Spirit Guides come to help and they are not often wrong.

If you hit a brick wall simply start afresh with another yes no oracle love  reading focusing on the question another way or focusing on something that the angels presented on the first attempt.

Your Spirit Guides are your protectors. As a spiritual being yourself, it is important that you have spiritual support, even if you choose to ignore it. Up until this point, you have probably not had all of the knowledge required to advance your spirit communication skills and allow you to truly understand the entire process.

Our oracle spirit guides are often archetypal but remember ALL Spirit Guides come with love and they are here for our protection and guidance. The reason you can feel them more at night is because of the thickness of the veil. The veil is what separates the spirit realm from the physical realm and it is thinner at night; therefore, you are more sensitive to feeling spirit energy at night..

Can’t Relate to an Oracle Card?

There are 3 things to ponder:

  • Can you really not relate to it or is it saying something you aren’t ready to hear?
  • It may be something that crops up soon or you remember later.
  • Sometimes you just need to get off the topic of LOVE?
  • Look closer at the card and it’s alternate meanings, including the card being the other way up!