Free Birth Chart Reading

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Free Tarot Birth Chart Reading

Although we are born with many tarot archetypes whose energy matches ours and our life path,  there are some that are far more connected than others. Here are three with energies that have been around you since birth. You also have 3 associated with your zodiac sign and which of tarot archetypes comes first depends on the importance of what each has to contribute to your tarot birth chart reading today.

Each of your 6 birth chart reading cards will give you a current issue within their remit, a subject which you can relate to.  They will indicate the strength of this connection. If the energies come in reverse then it should be treated as a warning.  Sometimes it’s a big thumbs up. sometimes just a pat on the head.

Birth Chart Reading
Salem Tarot Birth Chart Reading

The cards depict the whole realm of human experience, from love to death, from joy to sorrow, from loneliness to friendship. Some cards are particularly iffy; others easily cheer us up. But either way, you have to take the dark with the light, just like in life.

Rider Waite Tarot is a fairly lightweight deck and the Golden Tarot is beautifully designed. Either are prefect for a tarot birth chart reading. For those that are made of sterner stuff the Mage Tarot or Thoth Tarot are a little darker but my favorite has to be the modern, say-it-as-it-is Salem Tarot.

We give things meaning by paying attention to them, and so moving your attention from one thing to another can absolutely change your future. Exactly who or what is doing the work here – whether fate is choosing the card, or your unconscious, or random chance – doesn’t matter as much as the act of seeing, sensing, and paying attention. Mostly the meaning comes from centuries of people writing, thinking, and using the tarot, and sharing their experiences. 


You can be an atheist and use the tarot. You can be a Christian and use the tarot. There is a long history of writing about chance and synchronicity that has nothing to do with the gods. You get out of the tarot what you put in. It is merely a tool that works on an intuitive, rather than logical, level. It’s important to remember there is no right or wrong way to interpret a card. Consider it one step in the process, or a friend to help you along the way of your life path.