Salem Tarot Card Meanings

You will see each of the 5 groups listed with links to the Salem Tarot meanings for both upright and reversed choices.

Tarot Card Meanings



Basic Meaning of Reversed Cards

  1. Inability to see the way forward
  2. Unable to understand the situation
  3. Delays and setbacks
  4. Unable to come to terms with the situation
  5. Paired with an upright card, a moderating influence
  6. Suggestive of life lessons needing to be relearned, related to the previous card
  7. Sometimes the total reverse of the upright.

To develop your reading abilities, you need to find a tarot deck that has meaning for you. When you have a connection with your tarot deck, the readings that you give will be much more accurate.

The Major Arcana – meanings upright and reversed

Meaning of Wands – meanings upright and reversed

Chalices – meanings upright and reversed

Athames – meanings upright and reversed

Patens – meanings upright and reversed

Tarot Card Meanings

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Here are some snippets from a few of my favorite books

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Complete Book of Tarot: When reversed, the Eight of Wands warns that “haste makes waste.” You may be moving too quickly in a risky or uncontrolled fashion. Alternatively you may be plagued by doubts and hesitation and thus unable to proceed at a proper pace. Be sure to consider the potential consequences of your actions before rushing ahead impulsively. Is it wise to be in such a hurry to get things done? Travel plans may be disrupted or delayed. A love affair may take an unexpected turn.

Tarot Books

 Complete Book of Tarot: My attempt to deal with this confusion about the court cards is to take a generic approach. In contrast to equating thoth Dawn Kings on horseback with traditional Knights, my preference is to follow the widely accepted practice of viewing youthful men on horseback as Knights and, like the thoth Dawn, to regard its Princes as the traditional Kings. Thus in this book and in the remainder of this chapter the convention will be as follows:
Complete Book of Tarot: When reversed, the Empress suggests that you may be failing to care for the natural resources that have been entrusted to you.



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Perhaps you have been neglecting your body or squandering the abundance in your life. Alternatively, you may be going through a period of infertility, either literally or figuratively, in which it seems difficult to produce any type of offspring of either the physical or mental variety. A creative idea may be stuck in its birth canal. The Empress is connected with marriage, and the reversed card may signify difficulty with wedding plans or a delay in starting a family.

Complete Book of Tarot: Before reading on, be sure you have looked at the image of the Ten of Swords and considered what type of situation it might represent. Here’s the story. I belong to a weekly group to practice exchanging languages online. On one occasion the leader of the group left a message that she could not attend because her husband had suddenly taken ill and she needed to accompany him to the hospital. Concerned about her husband’s illness, I drew a single card from the deck: the Ten of Swords.

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