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Love Spells to Attract

What is a Love Spell & how do they work?  A love spell is a ritual performed to achieve a desired goal. It works by the art of transforming, and influencing an undesired situation and changing it in your favour. It is accomplished by the use of willpower, visualisation and raised energy. Combine those with the forces of nature, the elements, the phases of the moon, and the Goddess and God. If you believe in yourself and have a positive outlook on life, you can perform a love spell. Magic should be used for the good of all, always make sure in your mind that you are doing them for the right reasons.   Please think about this before using your love spells.

Please note:  I am a spiritualist and whilst I am tolerant of all other religions, I cannot give you any advice on using your love spells.  The Love Spells e-book which I used to give free is no longer available due to misuse.  I resurrected this old post because of our new Salem Tarot Deck which was barely announced a week and not even ready at the time yet I was inundated with questions so here I will answer a few questions based on the biggest search topics in google.

First, by all means try our Free Tarot Readings.  Since you are reading this page you will probably enjoy our one card salem tarot and I am guessing the Salem Love Tarot, which is a 3 card reading, past, present and future.  However I must caution you that the phrases I chose to comment on below are the ones I think are realistic to expect a result from. No amount of spelling casting, chanting, manifesting etc will FORCE someone to love you, nor should you expect that from a love spell.


Love Spells Wicca

Love Spells with the Rebel
Rebel Spirit Guide

This is almost the most frequent search and is often searched for by people that aren’t actually Wiccan but think there is some magic answer here that will produce a result with no real effort, research or experience.  Again, no matter your experience and power, NOTHING will force someone to love you against their will.  However there are things you can do that will make them notice you, put them in your path and so on.  The rest is down to nature and destiny!  If you think you have a real chance, try connecting with the Rebel spirit guide.


Pagan Love Spell

Like the search for Wiccan love spells, many people, usually women, think the word pagan implies black magic and there love spells suddenly become more magical and powerful and can give you what you want which is often a specific person to love you in return.  This just won’t happen unless it was meant to be!


Love Attraction Spell

The Optimist

Now here we are beginning to make sense.  You don’t actually need a love spell to work this way although there are plenty on the internet.  Just because they are old and not necessarily newage does not mean they won’t work.  If you understand how these things work you will grasp that everything has energy and the oler and more used that energy the stronger it becomes. So spells, meditations, power of intent, affirmations, manifesting, chanting, and so on – they all have the same result, which is to add energy to a thought or possible deed.  So here is where this may work.  You can maybe attract someone into your sphere but there is still the proviso that if it was not meant to be then destiny will intervene and love spell or not, it simply will ultimately go nowhere.

The spell of the lemon helps you start a relationship
This is all you need to perform this love spell.

  • A pink or white candle
  • A ripe lemon
  • A small piece of paper (if it is pink or red better)
  • Some red ribbon or thread

First, light the candle and put it in front of you. Write your name and your prospective partners name just below yours on a piece of paper. If you have no-one special in mind then write 3 question marks. Cut the lemon in half and fold the paper so that the names are in full contact. Then put the paper on the straight surface of the lemon and put the other part as if it were a lemon and paper sandwich. Tie the red string or ribbon around the lemon to hold it together. While you do it you must close your eyes and visualize them sat next to you, that destiny smiles on you.

Once this is done, you must extinguish the candle and put the lemon and paper sandwich in the freezer, put it in the back completely so that no one who lives with you can see it. Have patience and wait, maybe up to a month

Protection Spells For Loved Ones

Here we have something I do believe in.  As I mentioned above, thoughts have power, the more “good” in the thought the more powerful the energy that attached to it.  So yay – I am giving a thumbs up for this one.


Fall Out Of Love Spell

As with the Love One Spells this one gets a thumbs up as well.  If you are thinking this way for either yourself and your partner then the odds are that the relationship is doomed and was never meant to survive.  That being the case anything that helps you get past the situation love spell or otherwise, is a good thing.  For example, and abusive situation doesn’t always stop you loving the perpetrator but you are going to need help releasing those empotions. Like if you have empathy for someone that loves you but you don’t return that love, then a love spell for them to fall out of love is a good thing.