Spirit Guide Meanings

These are the archetype spirit guides used in our readings and quizzes.

Spirit Guide Meanings
The Rainmaker – Native American Spirit Guide

This is my belief when it comes to spirit guides and their meanings.

First, of course we may have 1 or more individuals that come to us as primary spirit guides.  They come in all shapes and sizes, MAYBE a native american or a wise chinese sage but frankly I think there are way more relatives that come through.  Also I believe they show themselves to us in whatever form we can handle.  Jack the plumber or great aunt maggie will show themselves as a shaman or a goddess if that’s what it takes to get you to move forward.

Also, they don’t lose their sense of humour or mischief when they pass to the spirit world so please don;t expect them to be ‘holier than thou’!

I personally believe that way, way more often, we are connected with an archetypal energy that comes with experience of the type of issues we are currently facing.  What we perceive as spirit guides come and go by the week/month/year or even by the hour depending on our needs and the strength of our connection to the spirit energies.

If you have a long term guide then they are probably helping with this.

Many of the archetypal energies, “Spirit Guides”, will be entities just like you or I, that have been on this earth, perhaps many times, that have made the same mistakes we have made, or may be about to make, and bring their wisdom to help us with specific issues.

So please don’t expect perfection from the guide that comes but listen to what is coming through from the meanings of the cards.  If you are looking to be told what a brilliant spirit guide you have, then this is not the place for you.  You could just as easily draw a guide the perceive as having negative energies rather than positive ones.  If you cannot now see why this is what is needed then please move on  to a site that will feed your expectations.