Spirit Animal Meanings

Spirit Animal Meanings
The Hawk – Spirit Guide

These are the animal spirit guides used in our readings and quizzes.

What are Spirit Animals?
Spirit Animals originate from Animistic beliefs and Totems, practiced by Native American Indians, the belief that every human has a spiritual connection to other living beings, plants or animals.

Animism is a world view held by many beliefs that all plants, animals, and objects have spirits meaning our spirit guides can also be animal spirits who serve as protectors and guides. Some cultures call animal spirits power animals, and believe they can empower us.

Traditional shamans believe that spirit animal guides or totems, protect us on our spiritual journeys. An animal totem is a spiritual connection between a person and their guide, offering understanding in the subconscious mind. To find your own animal spirit, there are a few ways, depending on the shamans of the culture you follow. Dreaming, discovering the spirit through nature or meditating are options, as are clairvoyance, trance and astral projection. Spirit animals are the embodiment of our subconscious energies, thus it is not possible to choose one based on the qualities you desire.

Each spirit animal has its own set of meanings, good and bad, and brings these experiences at a time when you need them most.  Often these meanings will relate to issues of the past or will relate to life lessons than you need to learn to move forward.  Each set of meanings cover the dark and light within our souls.