17 The Forgiver Archetype


Upright Meanings: spiritual transformation, endings, change, transformation, unexpected change, new beginnings, failure, loss, letting go, transition, bad luck, death

The Forgiver can sometimes, but not often, indicate physical death, referring to a passing already happened. This card more often indicates transformation and change. This is definitely a time of deep transformation, likely to be both internally and externally in your life. Situations, things, and people that you have counted on or gotten used to may no longer be available to you in quite the same way as they once were. This transition can be very difficult for some people. The change though, is nearly always needed.

Reversed Meanings: immobility, death, fear of beginnings, repeating negative patterns, stagnation, resisting change, inability to move forward, slow changes, cheating

As with an upright meaning, the appearance of this card can imply a death of something but never physical death unless a passing that has already happened. This card, whether upright or reversed, simply indicates transformation and change. In reverse it can imply resistance to change or great sorrow from change that is not being dealt with or is difficult to overcome. In bereavement passed, it can imply withholding of feelings that need to be released.