Power Animal Meanings

Tiger Power Animal

These are the power animals used in our readings and quizzes.

What are Power Animals?

The power animal is not an exclusive tradition of shamanism – it has been used in the form of a totem or animal spirit in all ancient and current cultures.

Although we usually identify with a specific animal, the truth is that during the course of our lives several spirits of power animals may appear, this is because as we advance or evolve we will need different messages, advice or guidance about our actions.

Power Animals usually reflect the deepest part of our being, potentials that remain hidden within us and can also tell us about the qualities that we need at a certain moment. Like your spirit guides, you may have the same animal throughout your life or it may change if your evolution requires. Often they will come to you at a time when you need help you with their specific qualities for a given situation.  Do you think you have features similar to any specific animal?

Do you feel that you need the strength of the lion or do you simply admire the presence and beauty of a butterfly? We can use power animals (or animal totems) to discover important aspects of ourselves. If you find out your power animal, (or your totem animals) and learn from them, you will be able to invoke their energy whenever you need it.