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These are the tarot decks we use in our free readings: Salem Tarot Rider Waite Thoth Tarot Golden Tarot Mage READ MORE

Yes or No Oracle

Need a quick answer to a problem? Instant Free Yes No Tarot Reading – no email, nor registration – By choosing 3 cards for your yes no oracle reading you will get a much clearer answer but at the same time, after the short answer, you will get a full breakdown should you wish to read it.

Archetype Readings

Free Spirit Guide Readings: Archetypes in Readings, the collective unconsciousness. This is my personal belief. No matter what god or higher power you believe in, we are all part of a collective consciousness, both in this world and the next.

Best Tarot Cards

What are the Best Tarot Cards in the Deck? The first card in any tarot deck is usually one of the most powerful. Use the links in the main menu to choose your free readings from our 12 decks, 7 types including love and romance. 1 card, 3 card, 66 card, past, present future, daily readings.

What cards will you draw? All free – no registration, no email, no cookies.

Tarot Decks

These are the tarot decks we use in our free readings: On our Sister Sites Tarot Decks    


What is telepathy ? The simplest definition of telepathy can be stated as direct communication between minds. There is several READ MORE

Astral Projection

Astral Projection Books  In astral projection the conscious mind leaves the physical body and moves into the astral body and READ MORE

Ethics of Witchcraft

Initiation, commitment, responsibility are the Ethics of Witchcraft Salem Tarot Because workers of magic and witches do not belong to READ MORE

Spirit Guide Quiz

Contacting Your Spirit Guide – Take the Quiz to Contact your Spirit Guide – You most certainly already have contact with your guides. You may not be aware of this on a physical plane but you may well be aware of contact via altered states of hazy awareness. You could experience contact through dreams and that sort of half way stage between sleep and wakefulness.


  What is Channelling? The School of Channelling Channelling is a method of making a focused connection with a higher READ MORE


Can I Learn Tarot from a Book? This a question most people ask when they start out. Most people can READ MORE

Angel Message 4 U

Angels are constantly trying to reach us – through our thoughts, our feelings, animals, nature, music, and the synchronicities that show up in our lives. Communicating with angels is possible for everyone, but it does take some practice for most people. For you it may be just a matter of meditating about your angels or writing to them.