Reincarnation – Your Never Ending Journey

REINCARNATION as a fact in nature is universal for it is the process of all LIFE. Without change there could be no growth or evolution of any kind. Unless there were something in everything that survives all change there could be no intelligence acquired by any Being. Unless return to life here were possible every man would die with myriads of unlearned lessons and no possibility of ever learning them. Unless our present birth is in fact a return to physical existence from metaphysical and spiritual existence no one could have an individual character nature and tendencies from birth. “Heredity” does not explain for children of the same descent are fundamentally different. Our religion and our science afford no just explanation of the inequalities and inequities of birth and fortune. In Karma and Reincarnation when studied and understood will be found the solution of all the mysteries of our own existence and of Nature the answer to every problem of life.

Reincarnation as a belief has always been held by the great majority of mankind in the Orient. Its presence can be clearly shown in both the Old and the New Testaments. It was current among the Jews and early Christians in corrupted forms as it is in the East. It has been the conviction of every great Philosopher in all times and is becoming increasingly studied in Europe and America since the teachings of H. P. Blavatsky show its historical logical and scientific authenticity.

Reincarnation as a matter of Knowledge is rare in the world for the simple reason that mankind as a mass has not yet reached that point in Spiritual and Intellectual evolution where men remember their own former existences as we now remember our former days and years in this life. For the most part men are still content to believe or to disbelieve in the revelations and dogmas of religious sects or in the theories and speculations of materialistic science. Theosophy shows the genuine student how he may “regain that Knowledge which was his in former births.”

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