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Sad to say but I gave up letting people have free books.  Most of the messages I received just proved to me that most people who look for free downloads did not exactly have the best of intentions.  They weren’t looking for information, just something they could make money from.  I tried charge 1 dollar/pound/euro but it didn’t stop it so I took the decision to removed them, especially the free love spells.  Please don’t ask – I deleted them before I changed my mind.

You can follow the link above to free horoscopes and if you really want information in more depth on astrology, then drop me a message or go to this astrology facebook group.

Learn the secrets of Astrology and Tarot Card reading in this great E-Book collection.

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You will receive the following E-Books free  along with the Witchcraft collection when you purchase the Love Spells E-Book.

  • Dispelling Common Astrology Myths
  • Aspects
  • Houses
  • Planets
  • The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac
  • The Chart Wheel
  • The Natal Chart
  • Basic Tarot Reading
  • The Major Arena Cards
  • The Minor Arcana
  • Divination Spreads
  • The Seven Basic Chakras.