Love Tarot Readings (Golden Tarot Deck,Wands)

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Romance, Love Or Relationships

A very common modern use of the tarot is to help clarify issues that are on your mind. The most common areas of concern by far are love, relationships and romance. What’s in the cards for your love life? Everyone likes to know where their love lives are going, what will happen to their romantic relationships, and if they will be happy. In a Love Tarot Reading, the major arcana, associated with major influences and events in your life, often play the most important role. Aces in a love reading indicate new beginnings.

Directing your love reading to another: Think of a person you love. Next think of a person for whom you have no strong feelings. And then also think of a person who challenges you, or you have difficulty with, or cannot easily get on with. As you think of these people direct your words thoughts towards each in turn. Visualise energy flowing to the person you are contemplating.

Timing: When looking for time sensitive answers, Wands generally means very fast – a matter of hours to days.



Comprised of imagery from the European masters paintings, Golden Tarot cards pay tribute to artwork of the Middle Ages and early Renaissance. The Golden Tarot of Klimt is one of the best for artwork. Golden Tarot aims to reconnect the Tarot aesthetically and esoterically to its origins in early-renaissance Italy. From a time of violence, pestilence and oppression came poignant images of gentle beauty and human frailty.

If a Wands card appears in you reading, heres what you need to know:

The Suit of Wands is associated with primal energy, spirituality, inspiration, determination, strength, intuition, creativity, ambition and expansion, original thought and the seeds through which life springs forth. Wands deal with the spiritual level of consciousness and mirror what is important to you at the core of your being. Wands are also indicative of all things that you do during the day to keep you busy, be it working at the office, home or the great outdoors.
Wands are also indicative of all things that you do during the day to keep you busy, be it working at the office, home or the great outdoors. Wands have to do with movement, action and initiatives and the launching of new ideas. They may be indicative of a never-ending ‘Ideas List’ or ‘To Do List’, whereby the client has many projects on the go to keep them busy. The negative aspects of the Suit of Wands include illusion, egotistical behaviour, impulsiveness, a lack of direction or purpose, or feeling meaningless.

Inspiration, action, power, courage, energy, passion, careers, creativity, impulsiveness.

Timing: When looking for time sensitive answers, Wands generally means very fast – a matter of hours to days.

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Complete Book of Tarot
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Complete Book of Tarot: Four standard suits, usually called Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles, each consisting of ten pip cards in each suit. Occultists call the tarot’s non-trump suits the minor arcana (‘lesser secrets’).

Tarot Books

Elements of the Psychic World: Many of the successful sittings with Gladys arranged by the Society for Psychical Research were not attended by grieving friends or relatives hoping to contact a loved one but by proxies who knew nothing about the people or subjects involved in the communication. This made the likelihood of the medium obtaining information directly from the sitter via ESP or fraud much less likely.

Elements of the Psychic World: Numerous spirits are thought to roam both the beautiful landscape of the plantation and inside the manor. The most famous ghost is that of Chloe, a governess who was hanged around 1820 for the murder of the wife and children of her lover who was also her employer. It is said that Chloe roams the mansion at night and likes to disturb guests by lifting the mosquito netting that surrounds the beds. Another spirit that is said to appear is that of William Winter who owned the plantation between 1860-71, his spirit is said to linger because of the tragic nature of his death. One night while out on the porch Winter was shot in the chest. He managed to stagger back into the house and climb 17 of the 20 stairs, where he died in his wife’s arms. Allegedly he is heard climbing the stairs, but he only makes it to the seventeenth one.

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Elements of the Psychic World: Now focus your attention on your chakras. Starting from the top of your head visualize your crown chakra opening. Watch as pure white light enters your crown chakra and slowly spirals down through your spine. The white light opens your third eye chakra. You may experience vibrant colours, especially blue and violet. The white light moves down to your throat chakra, releasing your energy blockages. You may feel like chanting or singing. Allow the tones to resonant from your throat. The white light now enters your heart chakra. You experience a feeling of unconditional love and compassion. The white light enters your solar plexus. Gently your fears, anger, tensions are released. See the white light enter your sacral chakra, releasing any pain and guilt linked to that chakra. The white light now enters your root chakra, the seat of your kundalini energy. As it does, it begins to activate the energy of this chakra. Feel the energy suddenly emerge from your root chakra, spiralling up through the base of your spine as if it were a coiled snake of liquid gold energy bringing you to higher levels of consciousness. Allow the energy to flow through your chakras. See the energy wheels of your chakras rotating.