33-Knight of Wands Reversed Rider Waite Finance Tarot Reading

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Finance, Money Matters Or Debt:

There are sometimes arguments and disagreements over money when The Knight of Wands appears reversed. Keep your head, take things one step at a time, and do some soul searching about money. People often have issues and attachments to money which are not what they seem to be on the surface. This is definitely not a time to gamble.

Card Meanings: Arrogant, Hyperactive, Lack Self-Discipline/ Control, Jealousy, Daredevil, Violent, Show-Off, Not Finishing What You Start, Domineering, Overly Competitive, Fearful, Abusive, Reckless, Narrow-Mindedness, Lack Of Enthusiasm/ Ambition/ Purpose, Passive, Jealous, Extremely Aggressive/ Hasty, Loud, Chip On Shoulder, Volatile, Suspicion, Overly Confident

This card is full of boundless energy and power. Here we see the healing rush of force, producing enthusiasm and exhilaration. Among their many other attributes, the suit of Wands relates to morality and a strong sense of ethics, so this card also draws in matters of integrity and honesty. On a day ruled by the Knight of Wands, expect to feel full of life, ready to tackle any challenge. Be alert for situations in which you are able to assist somebody else who has need of your strength. Also, be aware of how your strength feels to you – this will stand you in good stead on lesser days, when you aren’t feeling quite so vital and alive. This King sets us free of limitation and self doubt bringing, instead, a new confidence and verve. If we allow his force to flow through us, we shall find ourselves making excellent progress in everything we turn our hands to.

If, when he appears, you are emerging from a tough time in your life, this King will mark a turning point where things begin to improve and brighten up. One of the key phrases often associated with this card is ‘out of darkness, into light’. So enjoy the day!! Have fun, get lots done and feel glad to be you at the end of the day!! He trusts his originality and allows his inspirations to take form. He’s enthusiastic. He steps forward and takes the lead if the opportunity presents itself. Others follow when he shows them the way with confidence. He’s forceful in pursuing his goals. He’s not a quiet, passive observer unless that suits his purposes. He jumps in and creates results. He’s dramatic and exciting. Never a wallflower, more often the center of attention. He’s bold and daring. He avoids the safe, easy route because he has the energy and assurance to take risks and win. He has the courage of his convictions and always believes in himself.

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Angel Insights
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Angel Insights : Journaling can help you feel more grateful. Your guardian angels want you to recognize all the blessings in your life, even as they help you strive to do more and be more. Expressing gratitude to your angels by writing down your blessings will make you realize just how many blessings you experience every day. Gratitude not only makes you happier, it brings you closer to your guardian angels because you suddenly sense just how much your angels adore you—just how many special people and opportunities and precious moments are carried into your life on angel’s wings every day. Seeing how many blessings you experience, written down in black and white, will inspire you to act as an angel to others. There are people who desperately need your assistance, whether it’s donating money to a charity, donating some TLC to loved ones, or just donating a smile to a stranger on the street. Your guardian angels want you to follow in their flight pattern, and be of service to those around you. When the angel realm blesses your life, the angels are counting on your joy and gratitude spilling out to bless the world around you.

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Tarot Card Meanings: Knight of Wands; friendship, good company and changes of scene are represented by the is card.  Fearlessness is a characteristic bestowed on those represented by the card along with a need for constant change and stimulation.  This is a card of action, movement and productivity.  Reversed; discord, disruption and fickleness.

Reversed Cards: If you put an actual mirror next to the Llewellyn’s Classic Tarot version of this card, the figure is walking toward him or herself. I can’t help but wonder if this is a reminder that no matter where you go, you always take yourself with you. This is an interesting point of meditation for this card. In vibrational terms you never go anywhere, yet it doesn’t seem to stop any of us from seeking something else, something more, or something better. Where exactly are you trying to go, what are you hoping to find when you get there, and how are you expecting to feel once you arrive?

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Reversed Cards: When we look at a reversal as a mirror, we are not looking at a blockage of energy. Instead we are shifting our perception to notice subtleties and slight infractions on what we think we know, and it stretches us out of our comfort zone. This is why mirror work is so powerful in healing work. The mirror is a point of self-reflection both literally and metaphorically. When we hold a mirror to ourselves, we seem like ourselves but not like ourselves, and we get the opportunity to communicate to a reflection that may be broken, hurting, or in need of acknowledgment. The same is true for the cards. When we look at them as mirrors, we are asking them to share with us a moment of self-realization through the reflective process. This will make more sense as we move through the cards themselves.