36-Ace of Cups Reversed Rider Waite Finance Tarot Reading

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Finance, Money Matters Or Debt:

You may have an emotional bond to or about your work which is not serving you well personally now. Are you staying in an unhappy job situation because you have feelings for the people/persons involved? Take a moment to consider what you want and need. Change is not always bad.

Card Meanings: Sadness, Blocked Or Repressed Emotions, Infertility, Unrequited Love, Hesitancy, Miscarriage, Breakups, Pregnancy Issues, Selfishness, Pain, Egotism, Bad News

This is a card which is connected to our most precious and heartfelt desires. It indicates the things that we hold most dear, our deepest and most intimate feelings and needs. Here we will discover our need to love and be loved, both in a romantic sense and at the level of the soul and spirit. On a day ruled by the Ace of Cups, it’s important that we identify these deep inner needs, and acknowledge them as the powerful driving forces they are. By consciously identifying these urges, we make it easier to follow through, feeding our souls along the way. For some of us, an Ace of Cups day will be one where new influences and impulses come into our lives, changing our course and altering our overall direction. When one of these momentous periods occurs, be sure that you make the best you possibly can of that chances that come your way.

And be alert for indications that new spiritual forces are at work, reshaping the way you see things. This Ace is highly spiritual in nature, connecting with the psychic part of ourselves, and offering wisdom and teaching in many varying ways. Hold your consciousness of whatever you see as the High Force in life as clearly as you can, and let your spirit talk to you. Finally, since ultimately this card is about love, count the loves in your life – all of them. And celebrate every single one. When you see this Ace, examine your life to see how its loving energy could work for you. This card often means that love is the essence of the situation. It may or may not be romantic love. Look for ways in which you can begin to connect with others. Do you have someone to forgive, or do you want to ask for forgiveness? Can you set aside your anger and find peace? Would you like to drop your reserve and let your feelings show? The Ace of Cups tells you that your time is coming.

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Angel Insights
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Angel Insights : Do you need to spend money to bring more beauty into your life during this 30-Day Beauty Challenge? No. But it would be an excellent time to treat yourself to a few things you’ve been wanting to update in your wardrobe or around your home. You might find them on sale or look at these purchases as a priceless long-term investment not just in your happiness, but in your sanity. The monthly beauty challenge might involve you simply becoming more aware of, and attuned to, the beauty that already surrounds you. Or it might urge you to spend time trying out a new hairstyle instead of watching television, or going out of your comfort zone by trying a new style of dress instead of sticking to the same old fashion choices, or shopping the sales for some pretty new pillows for your couch.

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Reversed Cards: If the Ace of Cups really is the Holy Grail, why have you brought it forth? The Holy Grail implies a quest, a journey, a need to seek something out in order to awaken or gain a more self-realized state of awareness, which means you have been asking for something in particular. Did it show up and you decided you were not ready to accept its challenge, so you turned it upside down? Or maybe you are still in the process of seeing if what this quest entails is really for you after all. Either way, the mirror aspect of the Ace of Cups is here to show you two things: the journey you seek and the gifts this journey could bring if you allow it to.

Reversed Cards: The Nine of Wands image from the Legacy of the Divine Tarot, which shows a figure on bended knee as if he were paying homage to the hard, rough journey that got him to where he now stands, reminds me of the Stoic saying ‘the obstacle is the way.’ In other words, it is what defeats you, knocks you down, and causes a failure that is the real blessing. The more we hear ‘no,’ the closer we get to ‘yes.’ Each time we fail we got closer to success. Here in the mirror aspect, your resolve is being tested. Can and will you continue to pick yourself up and keep going? Or will you, like the image on the card, kneel down and surrender?

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Reversed Cards: Seeing a reversed card as a shadow aspect allows you to see what attachments you have and what they are creating in your life. All attachments bring suffering in one form or another, which makes dealing with this shadow energy so important. You can actually use these reversed cards as part of a larger healing process, for when you detach yourself from suffering, you start seeing joy and opportunity in your life. This allows you to move out of a shadow archetype like the victim into a more empowered aspect of yourself. This will make more sense as we work with the shadow aspects of the cards. You will see more clearly how these can be points of healing and how they can move you from despair to hope.