Work Tarot Readings (Thoth Tarot Deck,Swords)

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Career, Work Or Retirement

Consulting the tarot can be just the thing you need to get valuable, unbiased guidance on work or retirement related matters. If you want to know whether you will be successful in your career, then there are 10 card of the 78 that bode very well for your career and many more that give guidance on career, work and retirement. A work or career reading is useful for finding which steps you can take to find the right career for you, seeing ways to create a harmonious work-life balance, seeking guidance on the next steps you need to take. Aces in a career reading indicate new beginnings.

You’ve no doubt heard the saying, “A bad workman blames his own tools.” Well the “tools” being blamed could be a host of things. It could be people, such as our work colleagues that are to blame for things not going right, for the situation we find ourselves in. It could be the company we work for, or our inabilty to find work or advance in our career. This is where a work or career tarot reading can help.

Timing: When looking for time sensitive answers, Swords generally means moderately fast, often a matter of days to weeks.



The magnificent Thoth Tarot Deck contains the Kabbalistic and astrological attributions described in Aleister Crowleys Book Of Thoth. It is known for its striking beauty, as well as its depiction of an understanding of the occult that was gathered over a lifetime of study. In 1773 Antoine Court de Gébelin claimed that Egyptian priests coded the Book of Thoth into the images of the tarot.

If a Swords card appears in you reading, heres what you need to know:

The Suit of Swords is associated with action, change, force, power, oppression, ambition, courage and conflict. Action can be both constructive and/or destructive, sometimes resulting in violence. This suit can also mean hatred, battle, and enemies, and of all the suits, this one is considered to be the most powerful and dangerous. The Suit of Swords deals with the mental level of consciousness that is centred around the mind and the intellect. Swords mirror the quality of mind present in your thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs. Swords themselves are double-edged and in this way the Suit of Swords symbolises the fine balance between intellect and power and how these two elements can be used for good or evil. As such, the Swords must be balanced by spirit (Wands) and feeling (Cups). The negative aspects of the Suit of Swords (i.e. when the Swords cards appear reversed) include anger, guilt, harsh judgement, a lack of compassion and verbal and mental abuse.

Ideas, communication, mental dexterity, mental challenges, talking, writing, truths/untruths.

Timing: When looking for time sensitive answers, Swords generally means moderately fast, often a matter of days to weeks.

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Development for Beginners
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Development for Beginners: Are psychic abilities really possible? Why do some people have an unwavering belief in their veracity while others scoff at the very hint of their existence? Well, before we get into all of that, since you are reading this book, I assume it’s safe to say that you at least somewhat believe in the potential of psychic abilities, even if you are not entirely convinced…yet.

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Portable Magic: The elemental will go to your former friend and use her powers of persuasion below the level of the person’s conscious awareness, so that the person reconsiders the disagreement with you and decides to attempt a reconciliation. Your friend will probably be unaware of the spirit’s presence. The elemental will not cease working until this fulfilment is achieved, because its achievement is the reason for the elemental’s existence. The spirit will use its ingenuity to accomplish its purpose, taking advantage of any accidental circumstance that may arise. Eventually, the ritual purpose will be fulfilled, though not always in the way that was presupposed by the magician.

Portable Magic: The triangle, and its three-dimensional counterpart the pyramid, have a long history in Western occultism as symbolic tools for actualizing what exists only in a potential form. The triangle does this by virtue of its shape two sides diverge and expand from a single point down to a base. What exists only in potential is drawn through the gateway of the expanded point at the apex, represented graphically by the expanding sides of the triangle. When it reaches the solid and stable base, it becomes real. The same mechanism works in the opposite way just as effectively. What exists within the triangle can be made to diminish upward toward the apex and vanish through the gateway of the point from the manifest world to the unmanliest world.

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Development for Beginners: You do not need to possess any special gifts or have a superior intellect in order to develop psychic abilities. The only thing you really need to have is an open mind. So now, before you progress any further, please ask yourself, ‘Do I have an open mind? Do I think it’s possible for me to develop my own innate psychic ability?’ If you responded negatively to these questions, then you should probably stop reading this book immediately. However, if your responses were both ‘Yes,’ then you are well on your way.