65-Two of Pattern Reversed Mage Love Tarot Reading

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Romance, Love Or Relationships:

The Two of Pattern in reverse carries many of the same concerns in a love context as it does upright. If you are currently in a committed relationship, other concerns may be pulling your attention away from your beloved. Be sure that your partner knows how much you care and how much you appreciate them. If you are looking for love, be sure that you are not fooling yourself about how ready you really are for a deep relationship to come into your life. If you are constantly filling all your time with work or with distractions, there may not be room in your life for a partner. Evaluate.

Card Meanings: No Contingency Plan, Too Many Balls In The Air, Lacking Balance, Discouragement, Biting Off More Than You Can Chew, Overwhelmed, Difficulty, Lack Of Organisation, Financial Losses, Overextending Yourself, Poor Financial Decisions

The Two of Pattern is a card about balance, often also about partnership. You are likely to be trying to keep two broad areas of life (money and health, love and work, etc.) in balance. This card is generally considered to be a positive omen.

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Here are some snippets from a few of my favorite books

Elements of the Psychic World
Book Details
Elements of the Psychic World: It all began in 1760 when a stockbroker, Mr Kent, rented a house in Cock Lane from Mr Parsons, a parish clerk. At the time, a Miss Fanny was Kent’s housekeeper; the two fell in love and decided to make wills naming each other as beneficiaries. Not long after, Kent and Parsons had a disagreement over money. Mr Kent moved out of the house and began legal proceedings against Parsons. In the meantime, Fanny died of smallpox, and Parsons seized upon the chance to get his revenge on Kent. He concocted a story whereby Mr Kent had murdered Fanny for the inheritance, and in 1762 Parsons began to claim that Fanny was haunting the house. He alleged that Fanny had told his 12-year-old daughter, Elizabeth, that she had been poisoned by Kent. Parsons invited a committee of 20 or more men to his house to witness Fanny’s ghost possessing his young daughter. Elizabeth, apparently under the influence of Fanny, declared once again that she had been poisoned and that the only way she could rest would be if Kent were hanged.

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Reversed Cards: Here in the High Priestess card, we move from the singular to the plural, from one to two. The two is not an easy number to deal with, nor is it an easy number to work with, which seems appropriate for the High Priestess. The most important thing to remember about a two is that it doesn’t like being alone. It needs to be working with someone or something. Duality is the name of the game here in the world of the two. Two heads, two ideas, two worlds, two selves—always two, never one. And this is where the ego can cause problems. The ego is the one, the individual, the singular. This just won’t work here in the house of the two. I have always thought this is why some people struggle to make a connection with the High Priestess, regardless of whether she is right-side up or upside down. This is the challenge of the two. She knows things you don’t. She stands with one foot in the physical world and one in the vibrational. Whatever success your ego thinks it has had, the High Priestess knows you have yet to actually accomplish anything. The two and the High Priestess remind you that you are not just having this one physical journey. There is also the spiritual journey. Two selves, both trying to figure out who they are and why they exist.

Tarot Triumphs: To set the scene for this book, I would like to reveal something of my own interest in divination as a background to my study of Tarot over the decades. Looking back, I see that divination has cast a kind of silvery, delicately woven net over my life since a very early age, connecting experiences and events in a way that I didn’t always perceive at the time. Sometimes the connecting threads were fine as gossamer, while other times they became strong lifelines, giving me guidance and support at difficult moments. I see, too, that although in some ways this has been a journey into the unknown, to a land that lies beyond our everyday world, it has also been a discovery of what was waiting for me there already.

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Tarot for Beginners: It’s important to recognize that the art of reading Tarot is, first and foremost, intuitive.