24-Three of Wands Upright Thoth Family Tarot Reading

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Family, Friends & Relationships:

In general the Three of Wands refers to work, in an extremely positive way. Even if you don’t work outside the home, it means that your efforts are seen, appreciated, and are well respected. Give yourself some credit.

Card Meanings: Self-Belief, Spreading Your Wings, Fortune Favours The Brave, Long Distance/ Travel Romance, Good Partnership, Moving Forward, Overseas Trade/Expansion, Moving Abroad, Self-Confidence, Experiencing Life, Travel, Forward Planning, Freedom, Foreign Land, Cooperation, Foresight, Happy With Choices/Outcome, Adventure, Success, Hard Work Paying Off

When the Three of Wands appears, you are likely to find that your finances are going much better, in fact this can be the month that your proverbial ship has come in. You are likely to be feeling very strong and with good reason. You may be finally experiencing some important success after you’ve been through some difficulty.

This reading is part of a family tarot reading using the The Three of Wands using cards from the with the Thoth Tarot Deck. You will find many more tarot pages that will be of great help if you need tarot card meanings. Use the search at the bottom of the page. We have some amazing tarot books for you to browse. Please see below.

Here are some snippets from a few of my favorite books

Development for Beginners
Book Details
Development for Beginners: Extremely loyal, nurturing, and protective, Cancerians are excellent caregivers, but they also have a difficult time letting go of things from the past. Friends and family are very important for Cancerians, and they work hard to establish a sense of security for their loved ones.

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Reversed Cards: The Three of Wands is connected to the sun, which we know doesn’t have a retrograde cycle. It does, however, have an eclipse cycle. A solar eclipse happens during a new moon when the sun and the moon are conjunct. This is when the moon moves between the earth and the sun, cutting off the light. New moons deal with new beginnings, as does the cardinal sign of this card, Aries, and this is exactly what we are looking for here in the Three of Wands in retrograde. In the upright position, it seems as if everything were already set as if by fate or intention, but here in the dark anything is possible. It is interesting that it is the absence of light that makes all things possible with this card. You could say that the Three of Wands in retrograde makes you rely on a totally different set of senses or instincts.

Portable Magic: By using more than one card in the triangle to express the fulfilment of the ritual purpose, it is possible to define and direct the fulfilment in desired ways, but no more than three number tarot cards should be used, in addition to a significator, within the triangle. As more and more number tarot cards are combined to express the purpose, that expression becomes less clear, until eventually

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Complete Book of Tarot: Crowley/GD: Queen of the Thrones of the Waters. Dreamy, receptive, tranquil, reflective, imaginative, kind, poetic, unruffled, coquettish, prone to fantasy. The traits displayed depend on the dignity of the card.