24-Three of Wands Upright Salem Spiritual Tarot Reading

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Faith, Spirituality Or Psychic Progression:

You may be on the verge of making a concerted attempt to grow spiritually when this card appears. Know that you can do so, and that the benefits of such growth are large. Inspiration and new information can come from the most surprising of sources. Take one step at a time.

Card Meanings: Holding On To The Past, Lack Of Progress/ Adventure/Growth, Arrogance, Moving Home, Failure, Self-Doubt, Carelessness, Restriction, Mistakes, Returning Travels, Lack Of Confidence, Pride, Disappointed With Choices/Outcome, Haunted By The Past, Frustration, Clipped Wings, Lack Of Foresight/ Planning, Failed Long Distance Relationship

When the Three of Wands appears, you are likely to find that your finances are going much better, in fact this can be the month that your proverbial ship has come in. You are likely to be feeling very strong and with good reason. You may be finally experiencing some important success after you’ve been through some difficulty.

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Tarot Triumphs
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Tarot Triumphs: I shuffle the cards, then hold them facedown with one hand and pick out three cards with the other. If you choose to do the same, it really doesn’t matter how you pick out the cards, as long as you can’t see which ones you’re choosing. (The exercise usually works better if you give yourself a surprise.)

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Elements of the Psychic World: Cherry —The cherry tree is home to the magical phoenix. The spirit of this tree is often fiery in appearance. It has the ability to bring individuals to the threshold of a new awakening.

Portable Magic: For a practical example, I will assume that we wish to form a bridge of communication with the spirit of Samuel L. MacGregor Mathers, the leader of the Golden Dawn. It is possible to form links with those who have died, or at least with spiritual intelligences who have assumed their identities and personalities and assert themselves to be the souls of those who once were alive. Whether these are the actual souls of the dead is a philosophical question difficult to resolve. Mathers’s birth chart has the Moon in Aries, Saturn in Taurus, Mars in Leo, Mercury in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Sagittarius, the Sun in Capricorn, and Venus in Aquarius.

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