24-Three of Wands Reversed Rider Waite Spiritual Tarot Reading

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Faith, Spirituality Or Psychic Progression:

Card Meanings: Holding On To The Past, Lack Of Progress/ Adventure/Growth, Arrogance, Moving Home, Failure, Self-Doubt, Carelessness, Restriction, Mistakes, Returning Travels, Lack Of Confidence, Pride, Disappointed With Choices/Outcome, Haunted By The Past, Frustration, Clipped Wings, Lack Of Foresight/ Planning, Failed Long Distance Relationship

It’s quite easy to mistake the meaning of a card named the Lord of Virtue. We can easily be misled into thinking that this means being dutiful and ‘doing the right thing’. However there is a much deeper level to this card than is immediately apparent. Virtue is about excellence – ethically and personally. It is about developing and maintaining high standards of behaviour, and then learning to have the confidence, self belief and strength of character to live out those standards through our every act. When we fall short of our expectations of ourselves, we retreat, disappointed and ashamed of ourselves. We can then take a long time to climb back up to the higher ground from which we can regard our own acts as part of the grand pattern of life. And, in the meantime, we continue to disappoint ourselves.

This is obviously not good for us, and neither is it good for life. So we need strategies to reduce the number of times we feel we let ourselves down, methods of forgiving ourselves when we do, and ways of recovering lost virtue as quickly as we can. This is where the 3 of Questing comes in. So, on a day ruled by him, make yourself a promise…..you will spend a little time moving back into the centre of yourself – do this by sitting quietly and gently drawing in breath, directing it to your heart centre and allowing it to fill you up with energy. When you have done that, spend a few more minutes thinking about your ethical standpoint. Ask yourself if you are out of alignment with yourself about anything. (Please avoid the trap of going “Absolutely EVERYTHING!!!!” This won’t help! Much better to work on one issue at a time, rather than allowing yourself to be overwhelmed.) If you find something you are unhappy about in your own behaviour, think the act, thought or feeling through without judging it. Work out why you have done/said/thought this thing. Go to the core of the problem, and do not blame anybody else. When you find the core reason, write it down on a piece of paper, tear the paper into several different pieces and throw them in the rubbish bin.

Since you have now rid yourself of the core problem, you now have no further need to act out that problem. So forgive yourself and do it differently.

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Psychic Abilities
Book Details
Psychic Abilities : We all know just how beneficial exercise is to our body, but what you might not realize is it can also help ground you and quite quickly too. One of the best things about using exercise to ground yourself is you are connecting with your physical body as you do each exercise, but you are also ridding your body of all of that extra energy flowing through it. Now when it comes to exercise we are not just talking about pushups, sit ups, or power walking, we are talking about all sorts of exercises. Yoga is a great way to ground yourself because it centers you on both a spiritual and physical level. And don’t worry if you can’t exercise, as any kind of physically activity can help ground you after working with your abilities, even just walking the dog or washing dishes, just get up and get active.

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Tarot Beginners Guide: The whole reading is concerning our prospective business venture. What does the three of wands tell us about this?

Reversed Cards: The Hierophant is in many ways the spiritual teacher of the tarot. Formally known as the Pope card, the Hierophant is in charge of one’s spiritual well-being and karmic path. He provides guidance and structure so we can deal with the one constant spiritual law that we all must face on a daily basis: change. The number five in numerology is the number of change. It represents the constant spinning wheel, the reminder of our temporary existence in the physical world. It is this impermanence that requires us to have a good, solid faith. Not religion, but faith. For when one has faith in the universe, faith in mother/father/god, one understands that change is not only normal but the only thing that can truly be relied upon. Here in the reversal of the Hierophant both your faith and your ability to change are being called to task. Just how much we will see as we make our way through the five aspects of this reversed card.

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Angel Insights : If you’re naturally very intuitive you’ve probably already figured this out about yourself. I figured it out as a child, when my brother and I started playing an intuition game when I was twelve and he was nine. My brother owned some flash cards that were solid colors. Each card was glossy and either a bright red, blue, yellow, or green. I’d seen a television documentary about a psychic institute where they tested an individual’s psychic abilities with various exercises, and my brother and I came up with a game using his cards to test our intuition.