19-The Sun Reversed Mage Love Tarot Reading

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Romance, Love Or Relationships:

When The reversed Sun appears in a love reading, it can indicate that one or the other partners (or even both of them) may be taking the relationship and/or the other party too much for granted. This must be changed as soon as possible if the relationship is to last. At the same time both parties may need some alone time. If you draw The reversed Sun when you are looking for love and romance, the indication here is that possibilities look promising for you, however you will need to keep a good attitude, and have (or develop) high self esteem. You don’t want to accept just any old lover that comes along. You deserve more than that.

Card Meanings: Ego, Lack Of Enthusiasm, Excessive Enthusiasm, Canceled Plans, Conceitedness, Pessimism, Break Ups, Stillbirth, Miscarriage, Sadness, Unrealistic Expectations, Oppression, Loneliness, Unhappiness

When The Sun card shows for you, it’s a sign that soon you are likely to find yourself feeling more free than you have in a while – maybe years. This is a great time to take a vacation and to experience different things. The Sun is about vitality, freedom, joy, and self-expression.

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Elements of the Psychic World
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Elements of the Psychic World: Friday belongs to Venus, both the planet and its namesake the Roman goddess of love. This day of the week is for magical topics such as love, birth, fertility and romance. Colours for today include emerald green, pink and aqua.

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Development for Beginners: Ba: A bird with a human bird that by day would reside in the tomb, bringing nourishment to the deceased, and by night would travel with Ra, the Egyptian sun god.

Creative Tarot: There are a few classic tarot card spreads. There is the Celtic Cross, which is the standard reading that is suitable for almost all queries. If you’re familiar with the tarot at all, this is the reading you probably know. There’s the cross in the center, and then a tower running alongside. There are cards that represent your current influences, who you are in this quandary, and what the outcome is likely to be.

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Portable Magic: Why make this inversion of Pentacles and Swords? There are a variety of reasons. One was my desire that it be possible to vibrate the letters of Tetragrammaton in order, when turning a complete circle sun wise around the four directions of space. Under the modified arrangement of the suits, this is possible beginning with the south: