31-Ten of Wands Reversed Rider Waite Family Tarot Reading

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Family, Friends & Relationships:

Card Meanings: Duty-Bound, No Stamina, Cleverness, Off-Loading, Insurmountable Problems, Collapse, Strength, Breakdown, Flogging A Dead Horse, Dumping, Shirking Duties/Responsibilities, Energy, Too Much Responsibility/ Stress, Learning To Say No, Working Hard But Getting Nowhere, Resigned To Fate, Not Up To The Challenge, Cross Too Heavy To Bear

The Lord of Oppression can be a tricky influence, because it indicates blocked energy and thwarted Will – both of these can work against us in our lives, causing frustration and confusion. Very often the reason that this situation arises is because we are unable to clearly communicate our feelings on a given topic, to somebody who has strong influence over our lives. We repress our inmost needs and, instead, present a bland and safe mask to the outside world. So on a day ruled by this card, there are processes you need to go through in order to work out what the problem is. First, consider whether this is a fleeting effect which will pass tomorrow or the next day. If so, then the chances are that regular use of the affirmation will clear your path. However, if you find that you’ve been feeling a bit frustrated for a while, today is the day to get to grips with that. Isolate the things that you really wish you could tell people around you who matter. Then consider why you might not be speaking your mind.

There can be many reasons for this – some of them useful and others damaging. Work out whether your silence is serving you well or ill. For instance, it’s not usually a very good idea to tell your boss that some of his habits drive you insane with frustration. If you discover that you do have unexpressed feelings in a situation where it would not be wise to express yourself out loud, then write everything down, and then vent your annoyance by ripping the paper up into several tiny pieces (don’t go directing it at the person…just at the habit, action or event). That should get some of your irritation out of your system!! If you cannot express your feelings because you’re prevented by circumstance – you are out of touch with the person concerned; you’re angry and frustrated about a world event; there seems to be no possible route to the people you need to talk to…..the paper trick could work well again. Or alternatively, visualise the person/people you need to speak with, and then tell them exactly how you feel. This act can have a quirky effect in that it often produces a response from the person on the other side of the discussion!

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Elements of the Psychic World
Book Details
Elements of the Psychic World: For three years from 1807, the family of Mr John Chave at Sampford Peverell, near Tiverton, Devon was allegedly plagued by a ghost. The events were recorded at the time by the Revd Caleb Colton, and were published as The Narrative of the Sampford Ghost (1810). Terrible crashes during the day and night, invisible hands attacking the occupants and objects flying around the rooms were the main activities. No explanation has ever been provided, however, the later discovery of secret passageways in the house and the knowledge that smugglers were active at the time suggests the likelihood of fraud.

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Creative Tarot: The man in the Ten of Wands is carrying more than he should. By burdening himself with all of the wands at once, he is hindering his own progress. You get the sense that if he put down some of the wands and took multiple trips, it might take longer, but he would be more successful. Or if he carried the wands in a different arrangement, he could see where he was going. As it is, though, the burden has become overwhelming. If one is going to carry on, adjustments will have to be made.

Tarot Triumphs: Tarot historians suggest that these Italian processions may have played a part in the creation of the Tarot, since they accord with the time and place of the earliest Tarot decks known to us. Some specific emblems are found in both contexts, such as the Lover, the Chariot, and Death.1 Likewise, the concept of Trumps applies to both the parades and the pictorial cards, even if trumping applies more to games played with Tarot than to its use for divination purposes. The processions are unlikely to be the sole source of Tarot, but there certainly seems to be a link. And this aspect of Tarot history is well worth pursuing, as it indicates how some of the Tarot scenes may once have been viewed as life-size moving spectacles, which would have created an intense experience for onlookers. Very shortly, I will suggest that we try this out for ourselves.

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Reversed Cards: The Hierophant in the mirror aspect gives you the opportunity to take stock of the holy people you have chosen to emulate. No matter if they include ascended masters such as Jesus, Buddha, or some other spiritual figure, such as Amma or the Dalai Lama, take a very close look at the way they lived their lives. Do you live your life in the exact same way? Are you truly being a reflection of their teachings or are you modifying it to suit your ego-based desires? This position is probably the hardest of the Hierophant’s reversed aspects. It is not easy to do a spiritual audit of one’s life and not allow the ego to get in the way, but if you have received this card in the mirror position, then that is exactly what you are being asked to do. At the essence of all faiths is the thread of compassion and love to all. There are no exclusions and no exceptions with the word all. As you do your spiritual audit, list where you have placed exceptions and exclusions, because it is there that people or situations are holding you back from living an authentic spiritual existence. As I said, this aspect is hard. It won’t come easily, and it sure won’t come quickly. You could say the Hierophant in the mirror aspect is the lifelong journey we all take in the egocentric material world.