28-Seven of Wands Reversed Rider Waite Finance Tarot Reading

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Finance, Money Matters Or Debt:

The reversed Seven of Wands can indicate some confusion with regard to money. People may promise and then not deliver or pay on time. Expected financial bonuses may not materialize or may only come through for certain people. If the latter thing happens at your workplace, it may be time to look for a different job. People who value their employees don’t treat them that way.

Card Meanings: Yielding, Lack Of Courage/ Self-Belief/ Stamina, Scandal/Losing Moral Authority/ Control/ Power/Respect, Indecision, Compromise, Failing To Defend/ Protect, Worn Down, Patience, Giving In/Up, Sharing Territory, Advantage, Being Timid, Folding On Your Beliefs, Surrendering, Resolution, Admitting Defeat, Weakness, Burn-Out, Quitting, Being Overbearing

The Lord of Valour reminds us to take stock of our inner reserves of courage and strength. It will often come up to mark times where great change is in the air, where momentous decisions need to be made, and where we must grasp the moment. On a day ruled by the 7 of Wands, the most important thing is to be alert for opportunities and great chances. Often these come up completely out of the blue, and must be seized without hesitation. This card often marks those apparently coincidental occurrences which begin a chain of events that leads us into a decisive and fulfilling life change. So pay special attention to everything that happens today. And at the same time, keep a running check on your own feelings. If today is the day upon which your dearest dream comes true, how will you feel? Are you ready to let change run in your life? Are you prepared to take risks? And do you feel that today, you trust yourself?

If you encounter resistance of any sort on a day ruled by the Lord of Valour, remember that this card is about being true to yourself, following the voice of your own heart, and protecting your needs and hopes. This is a day in which you need to believe in yourself. So hold hard against anything which interferes with that. Refuse to allow anything (or anybody) to undermine you. And keep in touch with what you believe to be true. And if you do all those things, today could bring miracles into your life!! Some battles are worth fighting, others just cause trouble. If you are involved in a conflict, ask yourself if it’s worth the struggle. Is it important? Does it have value? Will the outcome serve you or others? If so, be bold and aggressive. Defend your position. Refuse to yield! If not, then consider letting the conflict go. Be honest with yourself about this. You will be tempted to hold onto your position, especially if you have invested much time and energy into it. Don’t let battle lines be drawn unless the war is worth fighting.

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Angel Insights
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Angel Insights : See if there are also any action steps you can take for this person in addition to your presents of prayer and good vibrations, like donating time or money or clothing to a local shelter. Make an extra effort to smile at your bank teller or thank her sincerely for her help. Angels get so excited when you put on a set of wings and go out to do angelic work in the world that they want you to imagine them doing back flips and spirit fingers, like divine cheerleaders, whenever you pray for strangers.

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Creative Tarot: I lined up these stories with a tarot card that describes a similar situation. Standing up for what you believe in is a Seven of Wands kind of thing, and so I placed it there. Perhaps if you draw the same card during a reading, you can use that person’s story as an inspiration for you to find the same strength. Losing a manuscript and needing to start over is the destructive element of the Tower. Dealing with disappointment and humiliation corresponds with the Five of Cups.

Reversed Cards: There are times when our childhood memories can serve us, especially if they keep us from harm. By sensing a sound, smell, or feeling, your childhood instincts are now playing a huge part in keeping you safe and sound. It may seem dramatic, but it’s not. Trust your inner child right now, as it knows what needs to be done and what direction you need to go. It also knows when to act, when to be still, and how to feel. Cups are the emotional barometer of the tarot, and how you feel is key.

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Reversed Cards: Let’s put it in a more practical form. Have you ever been late for work or an appointment because something or someone delayed you? Your alarm didn’t go off or one of your kids suddenly took ill or your spouse took up a little more of your time then you had hoped. One of these things delayed you, pushed your schedule back, or made you change your plans. Then in hindsight you realized that the delay actually saved you from an accident or some other challenge. This is what a card in the protection aspect does. It diverts the energy around the point of chaos or pain and instead allows you to get to where you were headed all along in one piece.