28-Seven of Questing Upright Mage Work Tarot Reading

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Career, Work Or Retirement:

If you’ve ever wanted to be self-employed, now is the time to give this a great deal of thought and to do your homework. You have the wherewithal to make your own business work, IF you are willing to put in the time and effort it will take to make it happen. Be logical, however. If you can start your business while still employed elsewhere, it makes sense to do so.

Card Meanings: Determined, Fighting Your Corner, Maintaining Control, Harassment, Under Attack, Scapegoat, Stiff Competition, Protective, Strong Will, Challenging, Energy, Assertive, Taking High Road, Busy, Standing Up For Beliefs, Defensive, Blame, Relentless, Courage, Hectic, Victory, Territorial, Opposing, Holding Your Own, Stamina, Forceful, Resisting

When the Seven of Questing appears, you are likely to find that in any sort of competitive situation, that you come out on top. Things should be going very well, you should be feeling good, and projects should be moving right along. You may still have regular moments of self-doubt, unfortunately, but now is time to feel the fear, and do it anyway.

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Development for Beginners
Book Details
Development for Beginners: If the person whom you are trying to contact is not at home or their brain activity is engaged in work or a conversation, then they may not be as receptive to your attempts to contact them as they would be if they were in a more calm and relaxed state of mind.

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Portable Magic: It is best to begin with only a single realizer on the triangle to stand for your purpose, or a significator and a realizer to represent the person the ritual is about and the fulfilment you seek. A single significator and a single realizer on the triangle, with a single modifier on the circle that is linked to the realizer by the ruling planet of its decanate, make a conflict of energies almost impossible. After you gain confidence in your rituals, you can increase the realizers to a maximum of three, and the corresponding modifiers to three. It is not essential to have a planetary modifier for each realizer card, but it results in a fertile balance.

Portable Magic: It is in this sense that the Aces are known as the roots of the elements. From the Aces proceed all the number cards of the suits. Their action is powerful, primal, expansive, like the flowing forth of a fountain. What is perceived in Ether as a swirling into the centre is perceived in the world as a fountaining outward. In Tarot magic, the Aces are used as the ritual instruments of the four elements and together constitute the altar.

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Tarot Triumphs: Although I mention this possibility of spiritual ascent in connection with the Tarot, I hesitate to do so, because I think it is more productive to think of the Tarot as a sequence of symbols that are all equal in status, with each one comprising both spiritual and mundane levels. If you wish to use Tarot as a system for spiritual development, or to align it with another spiritual ladder–type tradition, like the kabbalistic Tree of Life, then you may indeed want to interpret it as hierarchical in this sense. But for divination, where we must keep a degree of fluidity, this is too rigid a concept.