32-Page of Wands Reversed Rider Waite Health Tarot Reading

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Well-Being, Physical Health Or Mental Health:

Card Meanings: Bad News, Fearful, Impatient, Problem/Inner Child, Boring, Spoiled, Self-Conscious, Loud Mouth, Hasty, Feeling Uninspired, Gullible, Predictable, Failure To Act, Lethargic Pessimistic, Tantrums, Lack Of Confidence, Procrastinating, Lack Of Energy/ Ideas/ Creativity/ Ambition/ Goals/Plans, Close-Minded, Lazy, Heart Broken, Instability, Delinquent

This is a powerful and hopeful card, promising energy, action and progress. One of the very important inner aspects of the Princess of Wands is the function in allowing us to leave old fears behind. The Princess of Wands represents the freedom we gain when we release old restrictions and habits, in order to forge forward into a future which is shaped more by ourselves, and less by outdated environments, and outmoded concepts. We often find, when we examine our motives and attitudes thoroughly, that somehow we have collected lots of emotional ‘garbage’ along the way. Sometimes we do not even realise this exists; other times we know these problems exist, but rarely take the time to examine how they affect us, what they deny us, how we limit ourselves by failing to clean them out.

So on a day ruled by Princess of Wands, we need to select one of our fears or habits, and really subject it to careful scrutiny. Take a good hard look at what this particular fear gives you in terms of support, and what it gives you in terms of damage. Try to isolate where it came from. And try not to run away from doing either of these things. Very often you will find that the fear or habit is rooted far in the past. You may well discover that it no longer has any relevance; that it takes away your freedom to choose your actions in a given area in your life. Once you’ve isolated your fear or habit, use the affirmation for all you’re worth. Make a mental image which encapsulates your fear. Make your image tiny. Visualise yourself throwing away that fear. And try to know yourself to be free of it.

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Elements of the Psychic World
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Elements of the Psychic World: NDE. The patients who claimed to have an NDE were compared to another group of patients with similar health conditions but who did not have an NDE. According to Dr van Lommel:

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Reversed Cards: The Page of Wands is often associated with adolescence, and everyone knows that this stage in the human cycle is not always the most pleasant. It can be rude, aggressive, and disrespectful, and if you have gotten this card in the shadow aspect, either you or someone you know is riding the adolescent vibe all the way to Angstville. The problem is this energy isn’t productive. It is only going to cause you grief with one problem after the other. The advice from the page is to get a grip on your current mood and reign in your fire.

Psychic Abilities : Tarot cards are fascinating and beautiful, and remain amongst the most popular divination tools, particularly for beginners who need to work on their psychic abilities. Aa a tool that taps into psychic power, they are flexible in helping to channel thoughts, and they have a magical appeal.

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Elements of the Psychic World: An even simpler spread is the three-card spread, which gives a quick answer; overview to a single question/issue. Lay out three cards in a row from left to right. Reading from left to right, the cards represent the past, the present and the future.