77-Master of Patens Upright Salem Health Tarot Reading

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Well-Being, Physical Health Or Mental Health:

As with an upright meaning, The reversed Master of Patens tells you that your health status can be improved if you make a point to face and to vent negative feelings. You must watch for and guard against a tendency to think of yourself as a failure just because you may not have yet met certain goals that you set for yourself. Honor yourself, just as you are, right now, today: your health improves as a result.

Card Meanings: Extortion, Ruthless, Poor Judgment, Discouraging, Obstinate, Cold, Collapse Of An Empire, Ungrounded Male, Unsuccessful Businessman, Disloyal, Corruption, Unfaithful, Bribes, Materialistic, Hasty Decisions, Underqualified, Slob, Instability, Uncaring, Broke, Calm, Greedy, Bankruptcy, Unsupportive, Gambler

The Master of Patens speaks of authority, tradition, and success in money matters. When he appears in a reading, it’s a sign that now is not a time to be a maverick, now is a time to follow the establish way of doing things. When he stands in for a literal man in your life, it generally refers to a very masculine fellow with hair and eyes on the darker end of the spectrum.

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World of Psychics
Book Details
World of Psychics: The myths surrounding the Tarot can be off-putting, but they were probably simply meant to stop people accessing something that handed power back to them. Some people prefer others not to ask questions and to just do what they’re told!

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Portable Magic: The history of the Order presented to members at the time of their initiation may have been merely a fiction designed to lend it a greater authority, but the system of magic it taught was firmly based on the magical methods of the Renaissance supplemented by the more recent teachings of French occultists of the nineteenth century, most notable among them Eliphas Levi. Had this been the only sources of its teachings, the Golden Dawn might have remained merely a curious social club for antiquarians of the occult, but the synthesis of its teachings was the result of psychic communications from a group of spiritual beings known as the Secret Chiefs.

Elements of the Psychic World: Feng shui is all about harnessing the power of nature to bring health and good fortune so you are advised to let the natural world back into your home and office. In all rooms except for the bedroom bring in vital energy with mirrors, lighting, bright colours and water features such as fountains or fish tanks. In all rooms including the bedroom bring in lots of indoor plants and flowers, placed in the east, southeast and south areas of your home. Replace silk plants with live plants, and remove all dried flowers to bring in fresh, moving energy. Throw open the blinds and curtains and let the sun shine in.

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