57-Eight of Athames Upright Salem Health Tarot Reading

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Well-Being, Physical Health Or Mental Health:

When you see The reversed Eight of Athames in the context of a health question, it points to things not being clear with the physical body. This is a very important time to pay attention to any symptoms that you might be having, and is also a very important time to seek advice from a qualified medical professional. Self-treatment when this card appears is not advisable. You need to know exactly what you are dealing with. Still, don’t panic. Just have a check-up.

Card Meanings: Healing, Oppression, Standing Up To Abuse, Paralysis, Escape, Finding Solutions/ Options, Hopeful, End Of Punishment, Relaxation, New Beginnings, Freedom, Overcome Obstacles, Release, Relief, Prison Release, Facing Fears/ Truth, Releasing Anxiety, Clear Mind, Empowered, Severe Depression, Survivor, Mental Strength, Self-Belief, Taking Control

When the Eight of Athames appears, you may be holding yourself back because you fear moving into the future, or because you are wary of getting hurt by a new situation, or maybe for no reason at all. Think through what it is that you’re afraid of. The truth of the situations are probably much less frightening than your mind is making it out to be.

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World of Psychics
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World of Psychics: I cannot stress enough how important the images are when using the Tarot – and it’s your own interpretation of them that counts. One of the best bits of advice I ever got with the Tarot was to read the books on it then give them away. If you constantly refer to them, you have missed the point!

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Portable Magic: The circle is the most powerful of all symbolic forms in ceremonial magic. Its use is virtually universal. You would be hard-pressed to find a system of magic in the world that does not use the circle, and always its basic meaning is the same barrier that defines a sacred space, and divides it from the rest of the world. Its shape is perfect, having no irregularity. In a geometric sense its perfection is expressed by its efficiency. The circle is the figure that encloses the largest possible area with the shortest possible circumference.

Elements of the Psychic World: Behavioural medicine is an approach to healing that acknowledges the effects of behaviour on health, and takes into account not just the interaction between a human and the environment but the interaction between body, mind and spirit.

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