44 The Mystic

No matter what god or higher power you believe in, we are all part of a collective consciousness, both in this world and the next. Whether your reading comes from tarot, angels or archetype cards we are delving into that collective consciousness. If you are present with a psychic or clairvoyant who has strong connections, you may be connected to individuals but more likely you will be communicating with part of this universal energy which connects us all. Much of the connection comes through our own energies and this is particularly true of online readings.

Upright Meanings: willpower, creativity, intellect, self-confidence, influence, sleight of hand, power, logic, resourcefulness, ability, skill, will-power, dexterity

Reversed Meanings: insecurity, delay, cunning, unused ability, greed, lack of self-confidence, unimaginative, manipulation, untrustworthiness, conniving, trickery

The mystic is an archetype that reminds us that there are many ways to connect to spirit. To dismiss other beliefs and faiths is something we should guard against. Whilst many teach that their way is the only way, we need to rise above that and accept that no-one has all the answers. In reverse this card comes to guide us to explore another way. If you are connecting with your spirit guides then ask them to show you another path. We cannot make decisions about the beliefs of others till we have walked in their shoes.

The angel associated with The Mystic is The Archangel Raziel

Belonging to the REALM: Heaven of Form, The Archangel Raziel is in the group known as Archangels.
ANGELIC FUNCTION: He is said to know all the secrets of the universe and helps with spirituality and clairvoyance. He can open you up to higher levels of psychic abilities and increase your ability to see, hear, know and feel Divine guidance. He also helps with alchemy, divine magic and manifestation.
GIFTS FOR THE EARTH: Raziels message: Each of us has a bit of the wizard inside, the ability to pray over a situation and affect its outcome. This power should always be intended for the highest good of yourself and others, never for harm. Those attempting to use Gods gifts of manifestation for harm will only succeed in harming themselves. Remember that the world is a magical place, full of mystery and wonder. Embrace that fact, for it is what makes the world compelling. All things under the sun are under the constant supervision and light of Spirit. Play with manifesting, for this is how you create. And trust that whatever form your intention takes, it is always for your highest good, and the highest good of those around you.

Raziel always knows the answer. He heightens our faith and belief in God and spirits. to me, he is the most knowledgeable of all the Angels. He possesses a deeper understanding of life in general, and encourages us to strengthen our bonds to the spiritual realm – especially in God and the Archangels.

His energy is mature and wise. His words are direct, intelligent, and patient. He has a lot of knowledge to share, so it’s best to pay attention when he’s around. You can call on him when you need to restore your faith in God, or if you need to restore faith in yourself. I find that he comes around when I have a lot of life questions. He answers them in ways I never could imagine.

Raziel`s messages may come to you in different ways, depending on which of your physical senses he communicates with spiritually. Sometimes Raziel sends images through clairvoyance. Raziel may also communicate with you through clairaudience so you may actually hear his messages.

Raziel knows how to ‘reach out and touch someone’, just who it is they want to reach out to. Communication in the higher realms is no different to here once you learn the proper skills, refine your availability and only accept communication from those you choose. However, it is during the process of ‘learning the ropes’ that is the most dangerous of times.
Raziel teaches us that if we are willing to cast aside the fears, prejudice and mind control of those seeking to influence us, we can easily restore our innate abilities to communicate with others.

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Here are some snippets from a few of my favorite books

Angel Insights
Book Details
Complete Book of Tarot: 9. Yesod. Foundation. Unconscious factors. The collective unconscious. Mysticism. Illusion. Meditation. One’s inner world. Associated with the moon. To what extent are your actions based on fantasy and wishful thinking? Are you paying sufficient attention to your inner voice? Do you need to ‘sleep on’ a decision before taking action?

Angel Books

Complete Book of Tarot: Myths/Archetypes: Jesus. Buddha. Odin. Cuauhtémoc. The Martyr. The Sacrificial Lamb. Benedict Arnold. The Traitor.

Angel Insights : There is a sub-group of helper angels known as hospital angels. Like other healing helper angels, hospital angels’ sole purpose is to facilitate healing on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level. But hospital angels aren’t assigned to one patient for the duration of their healing journey, as other healing helper angels might be. Nor do hospital angels follow the practice of a single healthcare professional by shadowing him or her exclusively during their work, as healing helper angels will. Hospital angels are just what their name implies: angels who are attached to one hospital as a whole. Hospital angels’ allegiance is to everyone in the hospital, just so long as those people are within its walls. An exception would be ambulances or helicopters that transport patients to the hospital. Although not technically located in the hospital, hospital angels are most definitely along for those rides!

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