73-Ten of Pentacles – Upright Rider Waite Deck

Your Chosen Card – Ten of Pentacles Upright Rider Waite Deck

When upright, the Ten of Pentacles depicts a secure family environment populated by several generations, including the family dogs. The patriarch of the family apparently has provided well for his children and grandchildren and will no doubt leave them an inheritance. There is little point in accumulating wealth only to hoard it. The family on this card is enjoying the benefits of sound financial planning and wise investments. Even the family’s pets are well cared for.

Keywords Upright: Wealth, family prosperity, savings, abundance, financial security, social status, the wise use of money, family matters, generational bonds, posterity, an inheritance, legacy, gift, dowry, pension, using one’s accumulated resources to benefit others or one’s heirs, caring for one’s pets; a dog is a man’s best friend.

Timing: 20 Virgo–30 Virgo. Tropical, 12 September–22 September. Sidereal, 7 October–16 October.
Astrology: Nimble and clever Mercury (dignified) in the third decan of earthy Virgo, realm of the Queen of Swords (Water of Air) and the Hermit (Virgo). Mercury is linked to the Magician.
Number Symbolism: 10 – one too many, the fullness of completion, readiness to begin a new cycle.

Rider Waite: A man and woman beneath an archway which gives entrance to a house and domain. They are accompanied by a child, who looks curiously at two dogs accosting an ancient personage seated in the foreground. The child’s hand is on one of them. Divinatory Meanings: Gain, riches; family matters, archives, extraction, the abode of a family; (R) chance, fatality, loss, robbery, games of hazard; sometimes gift, dowry, pension.

When Ten of Pentacles is upright you can pretty much take it that life is going well but that’s when life takes us by surprise.  If Ten of Pentacles is unclear it may help to choose a card from the Major Arcana to provide more insight into what it is Ten of Pentacles is trying to tell you.  If you had a particular issue in  mind, or want to seek clarification on something else, you can also choose again to get more guidance.

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Here are some snippets from a few of my favorite books

Complete Book of Tarot
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Complete Book of Tarot: The major arcana (the Hermit and the Magician) suggest that President Obama’s spiritual lessons include learning how to deal with aggression in a contemplative, well-reasoned and skilful manner. The Queen of Swords is a model for the type of cool rationality that might help in situations of conflict related to warlike Mars. The Ten of Pentacles indicates that the president is likely to learn this lesson in his material affairs and in efforts to pass on his legacy to the next generation.

Tarot Books

Creative Tarot: It’s not just visual artists who were drawn to the tarot. Writers have used the cards as a storytelling technique for centuries now. That ranges from the hokey (a young adult protagonist visits a fortune-teller who reveals her true fate via the cards, which sends her off on a grand adventure, and so on) to the more sophisticated.

Complete Book of Tarot: When the French conquered Milan and the Piedmont of northern Italy in 1499, they brought the Italian game of trionfi back with them to southern France. The tarot became popular in the city of Marseille, which grew into a major center of playing card manufacture in Europe. The tarot decks produced there, for obvious reasons, became known as the Tarot of Marseille. The pattern and arrangement of the Marseille’s seventy-eight cards became the standard against which later decks would be measured. The Tarot of Marseille became the most widely used deck in non-English-speaking countries.

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Tarot Triumphs: Here is how my own Tarot collection and my relationship with the Tarot progressed. After I had bought my first two packs, the Marseilles and the Rider-Waite Tarots, I went on the hunt for more. Over the next few years, general interest in Tarot blossomed, and more packs were beginning to appear in the shops. Living in London in the early seventies, I haunted Watkins Books, long a home of esoteric books and now of Tarot cards too. I bought practically every pack I could find with the idea of forming a collection. The choice was still very limited though; I acquired a Swiss Besançon pack, the Richard Gardner/Insight Institute pack (a hybrid of Rider-Waite and Marseilles), and a gilded version of the Oswald Wirth pack. I bought other Tarots that were too fanciful for use, and some double-ended packs that were really just for card games. It wasn’t long before my collection, now into double digits, divided itself clearly between packs I could use for Tarot study and divination and those that were just curiosities. As the world began to take up Tarot, I found the proliferation, quite frankly, bewildering, and I decided to limit my collection and enjoy what I had there already. However, I did make occasional additions; a special find in Venice were two beautiful reproductions of historic Tarocchi packs. By this time I had decided to limit my interests mainly to traditional Tarot. Here, I felt, lay the true story.