32-Princess of Wands – Upright Thoth Deck

Your Chosen Card – Princess of Wands Upright Thoth Deck

Princesss represent children, young people, new situations, and the beginning stages of a project or journey. They can also signify messengers or messages coming to the querent. When upright, the Princess of Wands is a youthful person, full of surprises, who is ambitious to expand his or her horizons through travel, education, or involvement in an exciting adventure. A stranger or foreigner can open your mind to new vistas. Life is an adventure, and this Princess wants to live it to the fullest.

Keywords Upright: A stranger, a foreigner, a bearer of good news; passionate, energetic, ardent, enthusiastic, adventurous, surprising, future-oriented; inspiration, ambition, confidence, creativity, new life, budding sexual interests, learning, curiosity, education, an exciting opportunity, fresh possibilities, foreign travel, study abroad, new career interests, the start of an exciting relationship, something to marvel at, a surprise.

Decans/Timing: Astrology associates the element Fire with springtime.
Astrology: Earth of Fire. According to Crowley in The Book of Thoth, the Princesss (Princesses) have no zodiacal attribution but represent four types of ‘elemental’ people.

Crowley/Thoth: Princess of the Shining Flame. Rose of the Palace of Fire. Daring, energetic, aspiring, confident, ambitious, brilliant, dramatic, superficial, sudden, shallow, cruel, violent, domineering. The traits displayed depend on the dignity of the card.

When Princess of Wands is upright you can pretty much take it that life is going well but that’s when life takes us by surprise.  If Princess of Wands is unclear it may help to choose a card from the Major Arcana to provide more insight into what it is Princess of Wands is trying to tell you.  If you had a particular issue in  mind, or want to seek clarification on something else, you can also choose again to get more guidance.

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Complete Book of Tarot
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Complete Book of Tarot: The mind of a god behaves in ways beyond human understanding. To the human mind the prophecies at Delphi appeared ambiguous, full of double meanings and capable of contradictory interpretation. Nonetheless, the Oracle at Delphi gained a reputation for 100 percent accuracy. If an army general inquired about an impending battle, the Oracle might respond: ‘A great general will emerge triumphant.’ The military leader would then depart, muster his resources, plan a strategy, and enter the fray confident that a great general was assured victory. The Oracle, however, did not specify which great general would win the battle.

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Creative Tarot: Calvino’s interest in the tarot resulted in the 1973 novel The Castle of Crossed Destinies. There a group of travelers have been mysteriously robbed of voice. But they are able to reconstruct the story of what happened to them using the images on the tarot cards.

Complete Book of Tarot: Fortune-telling cards differ from oracle cards in that they are designed specifically to reveal the future. Reading fortune-telling cards requires a different mindset than reading the tarot. Fortune-telling card interpretations are suggestive of the stereotypical Hollywood scenes in which a mysterious reader looks at the cards and utters in a knowing tone of voice: ‘You will meet a tall dark stranger on a cruise this summer but he will be mainly interested in your money, so be careful.’ Currently the most popular fortune-telling deck is the thirty-six-card Petit Lenormand.

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Complete Book of Tarot: Strategic Intuition for the 21st Century: Tarot for Business by James Wanless