18 The Guardian Angel Of Young Adults – Reversed

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This angel carries the key which it provides for growing into happy, stable adults, able to find the. balance, between work and pleasure, and who know the difference between what is good and what does not serve us. It blesses us as we take responsibility for life.

The Guardian Angel Of Young Adults

Belonging to the REALM: Heaven of Form , The Guardian Angel of Young Adults is in the group known as Guardian Angels.
ANGELIC FUNCTION: To help young adults choose a clear direction
GIFTS FOR THE EARTH: This angel can help you to take responsibility for your life; follow the direction in which your heart leads you; make wise and careful decisions for yourself

This Guardian Angel watches over all people starting to make their own path in life. This is a time when the wholesome nurturing of childhood begins to yield results. It is also the time when we trust we are making healthy choices for our lives. This angel can help us make honest and clear decisions which can enhance our chances for growth and development. It can help guide us towards the right job choices, where our talents will be appreciated; and towards the right partners who can give us the love and encouragement we need to achieve our full potential.

This is the angel who helps us maintain a sense of humour when things appear to be going wrong or when we feel that we have lost a valuable opportunity. From this angel we can also receive assurance that we are always on the right path towards fulfilling our life’s purpose. It is essential for us to recognize that no matter how many twists in the road we find on our path in life we will eventually be led to do that which allows us the opportunity to express our being to the fullest.

We can pray to our Guardian Angel to show us the right direction for our life’s purpose. We can ask for comfort when we suffer loss or separation, or when we feel hurt or overwhelmed by the ways of the world and find our innate faith shaken.

This angel blesses and protects us whenever we feel we need more confidence or assurance, and comforts us when we are lonely or uncertain about how to do our very best. We can ask for trust and confidence in whatever we do, wherever we may find ourselves. With the help of this angel we can stay hopeful that everything which happens to us is for our highest good and greatest joy.

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Elements of the Psychic World
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Elements of the Psychic World: The precise meaning of ka is no longer clear to us, as ancient Egyptian ideas concerning soul and spirit refuse to fit into any traditional Western categories, but ka is generally portrayed in Egyptian art as a double or doppelgänger that lingered on in the tomb inhabiting the body or even statues of the deceased. It was thought to be independent of the body and able to move, eat and drink at will. There was both a higher, guardian angel-like ka and lower ka that came from knowledge learned on earth.

Angel Books

Elements of the Psychic World: Humans have been guided by their inner voices since the beginning of time. The Bible refers to the Voice of God speaking to the prophets and kings. The ancient Greeks received guidance through daimons or divine spirits that offered guidance by whispering it into the ears of men and women. The shamans of many cultures use the voices in their heads for divine guidance. In Yoga the energy centre for clairaudience is the throat area, and it is thought that when it is clear you can open yourself up to inner hearing. Great men and women in history have experienced clairaudience. For example, Joan of Arc claimed to hear the voices of her angel spirit guides St Catherine, St Margaret and St Michael. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries messages from the spirits received clairaudiently were an established part of many séances. Today clairaudience often occurs in psychic readings.

Angel Insights : Using your guardian angels’ names might help you stay more connected to them, or make your guardian angels seem more ‘real’ to you. Asking for help or guidance for a family member by addressing your loved one’s guardian angels by name can also make you feel more empowered and connected to the angel realm.

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Angel Insights : There is an angel for every time and purpose under heaven. Angels who watch over you from birth until you return to Spirit, angels who help you heal, angels who are teachers, even angels who can assist you in marketing a product! We’ll learn about many of them in this section. But remember, there are always angels uniquely qualified to help you with even the most specific, esoteric tasks. The angel realm is asking me to assure you that there are angels equipped for the digital age, who can aid you with modern problems or anything new you are trying to invent. The angels tell me they are ‘light-years’ ahead of us regarding these matters. All you have to do is request their help.