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No matter what god or higher power you believe in, we are all part of a collective consciousness, both in this world and the next. Whether your reading comes from tarot, angels or archetype cards we are delving into that collective consciousness. If you are present with a psychic or clairvoyant who has strong connections, you may be connected to individuals but more likely you will be communicating with part of this universal energy which connects us all. Much of the connection comes through our own energies and this is particularly true of online readings.

Upright Meanings: creativity, family, homecomings, happy ever after, domestic bliss, children, harmony, blessings, happiness, reunions, marriage, long term relationships, fun, fate, life, play, family gatherings, soulmates, friendship, destiny, well-being, good luck, security, caring, abundance, stability, happy families

Reversed Meanings: keeping up appearances, disharmony, family secrets, dysfunctional family, social services, quarrel, rocky relationships, neglect, lack of security/stability, lack of teamwork, miscarriage, losing your home, broken home, non-traditional families, not wanting marriage/children, waste, broken relationships, infertility, homesickness, divorce, unhappy home/family life, isolation, foster families, conflict, separation

Often appearing to those of artistic temperament, he also comes to those of us that are strongly left-brained, methodical, logical and frequently needing a push toward achieving a little more balance in our lives. Reversal can mean an artists or writers block or a refusal to accept that we all have to ability to draw on both sides of our brain if we choose to. We don’t need fame or fortune for this to enrich our lives and that of those around us.

The angel associated with The Artist is The Archangel Jophiel

Belonging to the REALM: Heaven of Form, The Archangel Jophiel is in the group known as Archangels.
ANGELIC FUNCTION: Helps us to nurture our dreams, disperse clutter from our lives and to connect with nature. He will illuminate our creative spark by giving us ideas and energy to carry out artistic ventures. He also helps us to see the beauty in all things, including people. As well as helping our creativity, Jophiel can be called on if you need more joy and laughter in your life.
GIFTS FOR THE EARTH: Jophiels message: When you are overwhelmed by beauty, you are seeing Spirit. Let beauty drench your senses and cleanse your soul. Worship it, embrace it, create it. Dont deny yourself beauty, and never deny it to others, for beauty must be accessible to all. Beauty feeds the soul and nourishes the spirit. Beauty is necessary, beauty is a reflection of Spirit, beauty is a window into the Divine. Those who dedicate their lives to creating beauty have taken holy orders, and do Spirits work in the world.

Jophiel is a unique archangel in that her power is not for traditional purposes such as peace or saving the environment. the Archangel Jophiel seeks to aid creative minds. People such as artists, writers, musicians, architects or actors often need guidance. Not so much in their creative abilities (although she can help with those) but more in terms of keeping their egos under control. the power of creative thinking and how it brings joy to the world is definitely recognized by angels and arch angels.

Jophiel helps us when we feel the most insecure. She provides and instils beauty in our souls, never focusing on physical beauty. She inspires people to search deep within themselves, helping us gain the confidence we need to feel and express beauty from the heart. She can also help us see the beauty in others and in our environment, helping us to appreciate and be grateful of what we have.

Her energy is warm, inviting, and elegant. She speaks softly and only says short phrases to build your self-esteem. She is always reminding people who they are inside and what they can become in a positive way. You can call on her if you want to develop your soul in a positive way.

She is the ultimate professor of life, teaching people to be open-minded and wise in their decisions. She inspires both teachers and students.
Not only will Jophiel give you the ideas you need to create something beautiful yourself, but she may also help you notice and appreciate the beauty around you

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