07 The Angel Prince Of The West – Upright

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This angel rules over the element of fire and the psychological function of intuition, it carries a torch, signifying intuitive illumination. The fire of intuition can open the chasm between the visible and the invisible world. It allows us access to the depths of our knowing, which is locked within our cellular memory.

The Angel Prince Of The West

Belonging to the REALM: Heaven of Form, The Angel Prince of The West is in the group known as Angel Princes.
ANGELIC FUNCTION: To provide the multitude with access to the heavenly realms
GIFTS FOR THE EARTH: This angel can help you to understand the true nature of people and situations; develop your intuition and trust your inner knowing; help you experience life through other dimensions

Intuition is our capacity to know our inner truths. It is a non-rational function and comes from a very deep place within us which was probably our first level of understanding. It is a precursor of rational thinking and is more closely associated with our feeling function. Intuition is the ability to know something to be true from deep within ourselves. It is the truest, and, in some sense, the most immediate way of seeing the reality of self and others.

The Angel Prince of the West enables us to gather information which we can then use positively for our growth and development. We unconsciously use our intuition all the time as a way of knowing if something or someone is right for us or if we are safe. We can sharpen our consciousness of this function by increasing our awareness and by practice at listening to our inner voice.

The angels generally express themselves to us through pictures, which we then interpret with our rational minds. But to understand fully the guidance we are given from the higher spiritual realms we need clearly focused intuition. We need to be able consciously to read the signals filtering through our minds, so as to decode them.

We pray to The Angel Prince of the West to open our capacity for intuition and inner knowing and to help us utilize this gift. This means that we need to be willing to recognize the projections of our own emotions on to the people and world around us. Such projections often prevent us from seeing a situation with clarity. We can ask The Angel Prince of the West to help us stand out of the way of our projections, so that our inner vision is clear and pure.
Clear vision and intuition are the gifts of mystics and can be developed by anyone who values this type of knowledge, though they have not been highly esteemed in the western world until fairly recently. This angel offers us the realization of one of our innate gifts if only we choose to grasp it for ourselves.

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Angel Insights
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Angel Insights : Although your guardian angels are creatures that possess phenomenal power and gifts, there is a limit to how much they can help you. If it is someone’s time to pass on to heaven, a guardian angel cannot interfere and save their life. Nor can a guardian angel save you from an experience that your soul chose to be a part of (illness, war, etc.), either to help someone else, heal the planet, or simply to learn and grow. Your guardian angels are also bound by your own free will. They can give you guidance and send people and resources into your life to aid you, but it is often up to you to accept or deny this help, to act on this guidance or not.

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Development for Beginners: After waking Dr. Erwin upon the completion of his REM sleep phase, he recounted having dreamt of a strangely beautiful ocean peppered with fishing boats along with a handful of men pulling one of the boats onto the shore. He associated the ocean as having been in the Mediterranean area during Biblical times.

Angel Insights : What can your guardian angels do? They can help you achieve the divine missions your soul came to earth to accomplish. They perform this feat by giving you intuitive information about the best decisions you can make in a situation, decisions that lead to your highest good, the highest good of those around you, and your best possible life. They help you by sending advantageous people and opportunities to you. And they help you by comforting you, and giving you their strength and courage. Your guardian angels will always guide and protect you, but because you have free will the more you invite your angels to assist you, the greater role they can play in your life.

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Elements of the Psychic World: Xenoglossy is a phenomenon that is associated with altered states of consciousness, such as trance and sleep and mediumship. Often the language spoken can’t be identified by the speaker and this has led some people to believe that the person may be speaking in an angelic or otherworldly language.