21-The World Reversed Rider Waite Spiritual Tarot Reading

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Faith, Spirituality Or Psychic Progression:

Card Meanings: Burden, Lack Of Vision, Imperfection, Lack Of Achievement, Disappointment, Lack Of Success, Stagnation

Gaia is a card of completion – spiritually it indicates that we have come to the end of a given period of development, and are now prepared to move on into the next phase. This card will sometimes come up to mark a period where synthesis of knowledge occurs, that amazing moment when you realise how much you have grown over the last weeks or months or years. Completion occurs only in order to open our path to the next part of our journey, so in some respects, the Universe is a retrospective card, which opens gateways to our future. On a day ruled by this card, try to bring something to a point of completion. Expect the forces of life to join with you in that effort. And turn your mind to thoughts about the next logical step once you have succeeded in your efforts.

All things in life grow out of what preceded them – the plant grows from the seed; the project grows from the idea; wisdom grows from knowledge and experience. We are constantly developing. Our understanding expands stage by stage. But a Universe day marks an important point of pivot in our growth. It shows us that it is time to take stock of what we have done – the distance that we have travelled. And in taking confidence and self-reliance from the progress we have already made, we can go forward with trusting hearts, and high spirits. So….recap your achievements on a Universe day, remember where you came from. Then turn your face to the future and decide where you’re going! You can apply this to mundane tasks as readily as to spiritual development – each depends upon the other.

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Psychic Abilities
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Psychic Abilities : This is writing that is done without paying any attention to conscious thinking. With this psychic ability, a person is able to take a pen and paper and simply write the words that come to mind, without thinking about whether they make sense or not. This is because these are the words that come from deep within the subconscious, and are believed to have a source that is spiritual in nature.

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Complete Book of Tarot: The means at our disposal consist of sincerity of intention, a deck of tarot cards, a quiet meditative environment, and an understanding of the archetypal symbolism underlying mythology, literature, psychology, and the world’s religions. The capacity of human beings to utilize symbols to give meaning to their lives is what distinguishes the human animal from other species. In short, the tarot connects us with that part of our minds which makes us truly human.

Tarot for Beginners: The following exercise is good for practicing the art of noticing and ‘listening’ to the cards. It can also be used on its own as a simple five minute tarot card reading.

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Development for Beginners: In this section, we are going to take a peek into the lives of some of the world’s most renowned and currently practicing psychics and mediums.