16-The Tower Reversed Thoth Love Tarot Reading

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Romance, Love Or Relationships:

When you draw the Tower in reverse, generally the concerns for a love relationship are not as intense as they are when the card appears in an upright position. However, it is an indicator that the relationship needs more work and more communication if it is to survive. Think positively and don’t focus on changing your partner, consider how you are contributing to the situation and ways in which you can improve your own part of the relationship. Take one step at a time and don’t lose your cool.

Card Meanings: Averting Disaster, Delaying The Inevitable, Avoiding Tragedy, Resisting Change, Old Ways, Rustic, Entrapment, Imprisonment

The Tower is a card about change. Just as with The Devil and Death, the Tower is not as frightening or as ominous as the pictorial representation in most decks. Trying to hold too tightly to the status quo can be disastrous now. ; Roll with the changes.

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Elements of the Psychic World
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Elements of the Psychic World: Chin: A mole on either side of the chin is indicative of people who are affectionate and caring. These people adapt easily to any situation. They love travelling and respect the law of the land. They are also

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Elements of the Psychic World: Another ghost frequently sighted is that of the seventeenth-century 4th Earl of Strathmore, better known as Earl Beardie. Legend has it that Earl Beardie gambled with some chieftains one night in the tower. They argued and cursed. The Devil appeared and condemned them to dice there until Judgement Day. Others say that Earl Beardie could

Tarot Card Meanings: Many traditional ‘fortune-tellers’ will happily use a standard playing card deck to read the future.  However, Tarot’s popularity has become more widespread in the last century with a broad section of the population.  The main difference between the Tarot and standard, modern, playing cards is the fact that they contain an additional group of cards.  The two groups are the ‘Major Arcana’ and the ‘Minor Arcana’, roughly translated as the ‘great secrets/mysteries’ and ‘lesser secrets/mysteries’.    The Major Arcana can be said to represent the greater movements of fate or significant changes and influences in our lives.  They also represent greater spiritual forces and our own underlying personality and motivation.  The Minor Arcana can be seen as relating to lesser influences, smaller day-to-day events and minor issues or changes in life.  They can relate more to the things that are happening in the ‘here and now’, while the Major Arcana represent major influences in our past, present and future.  

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Angel Encyclopedia: After crossing a river and passing through a large door ‘like the passing of 30 days,’ Baruch sees a plain with men who have the faces of cattle, the horns of deer, the feet of goats, and the loins of rams. These are men who built a tower of war against God, and they have been thrown out.