02-The Salem Witch Upright Salem Health Tarot Reading

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Well-Being, Physical Health Or Mental Health:

When The Salem Witch appears in connection with a health question, its important to realize that you may not yet have all the information you need, and that you shouldn’t necessarily accept without question the first opinion you are given. If you are under treatment for a physical problem, it makes sense to get a second opinion now. Trust your instincts, but of course, follow medical advice that you are given. If you feel something is not right with your physical being, keep seeking help until you are given some. You may need to see a different health care practitioner. Trust yourself. Support your good health as best you can with a proper diet, sufficient exercise, and vitamins/minerals.

Card Meanings: Repression Of Intuition, Lack Of Self-Belief, Selfishness, Ignorance, Misunderstanding, Unwanted Attention, Shallowness, Uncontrolled Outbursts And Sexual Tension, Blocked Psychic Powers

The Salem Witch is a very spiritual card – often with sexual overtones. It can mean that you are in a phase where you are going to be much more physically attractive to others. She is tied to the moon, to femininity, and to inspiration.

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Tarot Ultimate Guide: You might feel like there is too much to learn. While there is a lot to learn when it comes to Tarot cards, follow these simple steps and you will find that learning them is more than just hard work: it can be fun, too.

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Portable Magic: In traditional Western ceremonial magic, or the more modern systems of magic based on it such as that taught by the Golden Dawn, various instruments are used during rituals in order to bring about willed purposes. Most of these tools are physical objects. Among the more important tools are the wand, the sword, the lamp, the knife, the altar, the ring, the cup, the sash, the robe, the lamen, the temple or ritual chamber, the pillars, and the banners of the quarters; there are many others that vary from system to system. They are often beautiful and precious objects, expensive and difficult to make. This alone has inhibited many individuals who might otherwise have pursued the study of ceremonial magic. They fear they do not possess the skill to make the instruments correctly, they cannot afford to buy them already made, or they do not have a room in their house that they can set aside as a temple wholly for ritual work.

Development for Beginners: I previously discussed several different causes for the occurrence of an altered state of consciousness, including various illnesses, trauma, drug use, hypnosis, meditation, and prayer. And as you can plainly see, many of the causes of altered states of consciousness are detrimental to your health, especially those that fall under the umbrella of the first three causes on that list.

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