02-The Priestess Reversed Thoth Spiritual Tarot Reading

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Faith, Spirituality Or Psychic Progression:

When The Priestess appears in reverse, it can be telling you that spirit has been sending you messages both in your waking and sleeping life which you may have overlook. Consider any synchronicities or odd occurrences that have happened lately, or very vivid dreams that have stuck with you. What might they be telling you? Give yourself some time and space to meditate and you may well find that you’ll understand the message.

Card Meanings: Repression Of Intuition, Lack Of Self-Belief, Selfishness, Ignorance, Misunderstanding, Unwanted Attention, Shallowness, Uncontrolled Outbursts And Sexual Tension, Blocked Psychic Powers

The Priestess is a very spiritual card – often with sexual overtones. It can mean that you are in a phase where you are going to be much more physically attractive to others. She is tied to the moon, to femininity, and to inspiration.

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Here are some snippets from a few of my favorite books

Elements of the Psychic World
Book Details
Elements of the Psychic World: A device used to seek out answers to questions about the past, present and future and messages f r o m ghosts, spirits and other entities in spiritualism. The name is taken from the French (oui) and the German (ja) words for ‘yes’ and it is often thought to be one of the most controversial methods of spirit communication because in untrained hands it is believed to attract evil spirits.

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Development for Beginners: During the 8th century B.C., the Oracle at Delphi gained international recognition for the powers of its priestess, known as the Pythia, who would sit on a tripod, inhaling light hydrocarbon gasses, as she muttered incomprehensible prophecies after falling into a deep and frequently violent trance.

Tarot Beginners Guide: Over the years that I have been using tarot cards, I have noticed that most people seem somewhat taken aback by a few of the major arcana cards, due to their illustrations and names, so I will state here and now that the cards called Hermit, Hanged Man, Death and Devil are nothing to be afraid of. Many people see the illustration for Death, for example, see the word Death, and assume it means that they are going to be killed in a road crash or something equally terrible. This is not the case; as we go through the meanings of the major arcana, you will see that there really is nothing to fear from these cards.

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Elements of the Psychic World: Oracles are thought to act as an intermediary between deities and supernatural beings and those seeking guidance or prophetic visions. Typically the priest or priestess who served as a mouthpiece of the deity would fall into a trance-like state and channel the wisdom of the gods, rather like a medium channels spirit communication.