06-The Lovers Upright Thoth Work Tarot Reading

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Career, Work Or Retirement:

You may be facing a choice or decision in relation to work. Analyze all available information, then make your best choice. It’s possible that what you initially interpret as a bad thing will turn out to work in your favor. Be cautious about mixing business with romance; if you chose to go there, make sure you know exactly what the stakes are.

Card Meanings: Desire, Romance, Honor, Optimism, Soulmates, Trust, Love, Perfect Unions, Partnerships, Harmony, Kindred Spirits, Sexual Connections, Relationships, Major Choices

The Lovers is associated with the astrological sign of Gemini, ‘The Twins.’ It almost always points to partnerships with just one other person; generally, and not surprisingly, this indicates a romantic partnership, but of course this is not always the case. Less frequently, it points to the duality that all of us have inwardly – between male/female, yin/yang, approach/avoidance, and the like.

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Complete Book of Tarot
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Complete Book of Tarot: When upright, the Ten of Wands suggests that you have worked hard and have achieved a great deal, but now your success is weighing you down. Your sense of duty and your willingness to shoulder obligations have been assets along the way, but the time has come to delegate and share the load. Make sure that the burden you carry is not the result of deceit or falsehood. Your commitment to a job well done is admirable, but there are others who are now willing to share the responsibility for the future outcome. You need to lighten up; otherwise your workaholism will take a toll in other areas of your life.

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Angel Insights : Angels are music lovers, record geeks, and divine DJs. That’s because music has the capacity to instantly change our emotions. The opening chords of a favorite song can bring you to tears or put a smile on your face—or possibly both—within seconds. And angels know how powerful and healthy it is for humans to be in touch with their emotions. Angels are also attracted to music because, like the world of Spirit, we can’t see music or touch it. Like your guardian angels, music travels on the ether, permeating your senses and calling forth your soul.

Astrology Basics: People born under Libra will make the most satisfying loved one. Their attitude to please other people makes them easy to fall to love with. Libra women are enchanting and charming. They love to be appreciated and complimented. They are also lazy in a relationship. At times, they need a break for a few days from the relationship just because she needs change. She is a hopeless romantic who loves to feel special. Libra men are also extremely popular lovers. They are charming, easygoing and harmonious. They get along with people very easily. They tend to prefer the perfect woman who, sadly doesn’t exist. However, they will enjoy flattery and appreciation. Words of flattery will make a woman instantly attractive in his eyes. He is extremely indecisive but hates to be nagged about it. He is happy to be controlled and will never complain if the woman makes the decision for him. It is very easy to attract a Libra; they are suckers for flattery and admiration. Treat them like they are special and they will fall for you. They enjoy it when people tend to ask them about their interests or hobbies.

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Reversed Cards: When the Lovers shows up in the protection aspect, questions of loyalty and fidelity will be a top priority in all of your relationships, not just the romantic ones. You will need to take a good hard look and see if you are truly working together with all those involved and if you are honoring who they are and the role they play. You will also want to make sure you know exactly where you stand. Head to head and heart to heart are good starting points.